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Purposeful Creation

Mar 31, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Purposeful Creation - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Healthy Purposeful Creation

When we focus on purposeful creation, our potential is limitless. We envision a world where curiosity, compassion, and courage coexist harmoniously. It’s crucial to consider the effects of our actions on society and the environment, not just financial growth.

A well-known futurist claims she advised Coca-Cola in 1981 that bottled water would be the next big thing. She says, “It took them two decades to come around. And by 2030, the market value is estimated at $510B.” Perhaps she wants people to hire her for future predictions?

Yes, she might have predicted the bottled water market’s growth. But what about the plastic pollution consequences?

There are over five trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean. That includes 24 trillion micro plastics. Some plastics take 500 years to break down. Coca-Cola is the world’s top plastic polluter, producing 200,000 bottles per minute, or 3 million tons of plastic packaging yearly. The Guardian reported the company’s admission of its enormous plastic production.

Imagine if Coca-Cola invested in environmentally friendly packaging, fostered innovative initiatives, and backed efforts to reduce plastic pollution?

Opportunities for Purposeful Creation

There is a connection between economic growth, environmental issues, and social responsibility. What if all of us—customers, distributors, companies, and communities—were more responsible and driven by purposeful creation? Would we still pollute our oceans?

So, do we prioritize making money at people’s expense or genuinely caring about people and the planet through our actions?

As more of us embrace our power and accountability we’ll shift our focus from money to health and find joy in things that matter, like a plastic-free ocean and fertile soil for growing food.

Focusing on purposeful creation highlights the need for a conscious business approach. This means not just profits and growth but also people, communities, and the environment’s wellbeing.

On this transformative journey, it’s essential to recognize collaboration and empathy’s power. When we combine our strengths for a common purpose, we make significant impacts – and that’s a future worth creating.

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