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An Open Invitation to A Purposeful Trek for Book Lovers

Apr 28, 2022 | Daily Trek, Inspiration

Purposeful Trek Fable Book Club - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

I am very excited to share with you a new way for book lovers to connect and have conversations. Today, we are launching the Purposeful Trekking book club and we invite you to join us on a journey of a lifetime!

Some Background 

Many years ago when I worked at Cisco, I met our new CTO, Padma Warrior and loved her spirit and vision of collaboration. And now I find us connected again with her new start-up, Fable, which she created so book lovers can read and share insights, together, in community.

Padma began Fable as a response to the increasing anxiety and mental health issues in our society. She grew up in a small town in India where books were her refuge from boredom and stress.

In her words, “I started Fable so that all of us can fill the micro-moments in our hectic lives with stories. Our mission is to deliver the world’s best social experience with exceptional stories in service of mental wellness.Fable has stories for everyone. My hope is that you will take a daily break to read, because you are worth it!”

A Purposeful Trek

Purposeful Trekking is hosted by Tim McDonald and me. Our first book is Adam Grant’s Give and Take, which was life changing for both of us and we hope it will be for you as well. 

This book helped Tim learn how to give without getting burned out. “I understood that sometimes givers are the worst receivers and I wanted to put what I learned into practice. I can tell you that this one book, and Adam’s insights, inspired me to start giving something every single day for a year. This led me to share more openly and provide lessons I’ve learned from Give and Take with others. 

Little did I realize, but my lifetime of giving has come back to me tenfold as I shared I had an incurable cancer with my community. Now, I spend my time learning to still be a giver AND also a receiver. I guess Adam Grant would say I’ve done a decent job of being a successful giver.”

We invited Adam to the book club and he will be with us in spirit as he is on his first sabbatical in years.  

The First Book on Our Purposeful Trek

Give and Take helps us see a healthy path of connection and generosity in everything we do. We will encounter stories as good as a well-written novel, surprising insights drawn from rigorous science, and advice on using those insights in our own life. 

If you’ve read the book before, this is a great opportunity to do it in community. “If you read a book the second time, you don’t see something in it you didn’t see before, you see something in yourself that wasn’t there before.”

The purposeful trek will continue with Lynnda Pollio’s multi-award winning book, Trusting the Currents and many other heart blowing books. 

You can also watch our video. And look at the milestones for the official start day for experiencing Give and Take in the Fable app

The club is $1.99 a month, and the proceeds will go to Tim’s Liver to help offset expenses for his donor, who we are hopeful will appear soon. This is why Give and Take is such a special way to start our ongoing conversation on what is possible in times of transition.

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

One thing you may not know about me is that I hate asking for help, but … I am slowly learning how to share what I find valuable with my community and know that each person can choose how to respond. So thank you for giving me this opportunity to practice because we do need your help in creating awareness.

So, if you could help spread the word, we would be grateful. And if you feel called, we can’t wait to connect with you on Fable!

Many, many thanks to so many of you on this adventure of a lifetime so far. This is just the beginning of exploring new ways to connect and co-create the world we want to live in.

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