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Why Quiet Quitting is A Symptom and Opportunity

Aug 14, 2022 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Quiet Quitting - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Quiet Quitting is A Thing

The Great Questioning continues. Now, it is reported that “quiet quitting” is upon us. In essence, this refers to people disconnecting from jobs and no longer giving work their entire self. Some describe it as doing the bare minimum. Work is considered as a means to an end rather than the purpose of life.

For those employed, some are simply filling the requirements of a job and not doing anything beyond what is expected. Why? Because there is life outside of work to experience. If work can be done in five hours instead of eight, then it will get done in that time. And the next three hours will be dedicated to non-work activities. Not taking jobs too seriously is on the horizon.

Many are no longer choosing to hustle and define success through work. The whole notion of loyalty, as we have covered here before, is shifting. And the loyalty that is emerging  is only to trusted sources who understand it goes both ways.

Just like two-way dialogue, two-way loyalty is becoming more important. And when it is only one way, many are choosing who deserves our loyalty. When it comes to quiet quitting, people are not going above or beyond what is expected. 

And don’t forget, front line workers are not given the option to quietly quit because their work is done in real time. And maybe they are doing the bare minimum at times. But there is a reason why there are so many opening for these jobs right now despite challenging economic times.

Choosing Life

And wouldn’t it be fantastic if instead of judging quiet quitting, we got to the root cause of it. And took action to understand what is possible?

This is also not a problem to be solved. This is an opportunity to step out of the current paradigm and create what need: balance, harmony and wellbeing. We need to create healthy practices when it comes to where we are headed.

It’s time for anyone who considers themselves a boss instead of a conscious leader to understand that people are no longer responding to being controlled. By becoming neutral to poor leadership, some are walking away from attempts to control them through money, fear, guilt, sticks and carrots and unreasonable expectations. 

And as we have seen, what is known as  middle management is also affected by feeling under valued today. All this has ripple effects on the lives of many people.

People who are currently questioning everything want to create healthy paths and opportunities. Maybe what we are witnessing is a response to burnout, unreasonable workloads and lack of true leaders in our world—ones who walk the talk?

This is a call for more life affirming, fulfilling, loving and aligned ways of living. Ones where we see productivity, efficiency and growth as unnatural to the human condition. And the increasing importance of making sure that the future is human—aligned with Nature and our ability to become aware that there is always another way.

What If Quiet Quitting is About Being Respected and Valued?

Maybe it’s finally time to shelve many of the complex business models of command and control and get back to basics? It’s all here waiting patiently for us to engage with our life and create thriving lives where we matter. Authentic communication and conscious leadership are key to transformation right now.

And isn’t it interesting that quiet quitting is not a rebellion but a choice people are making about what’s important? And maybe some will lose their current jobs but wouldn’t that be beneficial for everyone? Would it not make more sense for each of us to have a life where work is part of it and our work feeds our souls?  

What does it already say that quiet quitting is already being reported as a trend? Experts stuck in the current paradigm are warning of job loss for those who don’t comply with how business should be run. But the reality is that this is happening despite these warnings and fear.

We each have an opportunity to examine the truth of whether there is balanced reciprocity and harmony within our relationships. When there is imbalance, there are choices to be made. As we are witnessing, 2022 is the year of choices and discernment. For anyone experiencing higher levels of awareness, 2023 will be the year of personal accountability.

Experiences are where we are headed. We want to experience life and all it has to offer. Who doesn’t want to be respected and valued in some way? Maybe that’s what quiet quitting is telling us.

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