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Finding Your Radical Purpose

Dec 7, 2021 | Daily Trek, Tales from the Trek

Radical Purpose - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Hearts Rise Up Meets Radical Purpose

Carol Chapman’s Hearts Rise Up Podcast has been recognized as a Top Wisdom Podcast in 2021 and offers diverse perspectives on our times.

In the Finding Your Radical Purpose interview, Carol talks to Jose Leal, co-founder of Radical Purpose about his vision of the future workplace being one in which there is balance and an opportunity for an individual to find harmony and a fulfilled sense of purpose. After being in dysfunctional organizations himself, Jose is exposing the realities of the dominant systems of force, which many now work in, and shares his approaches to help people break free.

The Future of Work is Shifting Because We Are

So many of us have gone to school, got the coveted degrees and landed respectable jobs, only to experience this vast emptiness inside of ourselves. And when we think about it. according to Jose, when we work for someone else, we become “an employee, whether we like this term or not, is someone who is to be guided by someone else at their pleasure.

And that often makes us feel unsafe, because we don’t have the autonomy to do the work we want to do. Instead, we have to do the work that we’re being asked to do. And simply because we’re getting paid, it meets some of our needs, but it does not meet many other needs, such as creativity, autonomy, and fulfillment.”

Much shifts when we are the ones in control of our environment and have autonomy. One of the reasons we are witnessing The Great Questioning is that more people no longer want to be in a box that forces them to be someone they are not; all to make a living at the expense of making a life. When we have autonomy and make conscious choices, we have the freedom to be creative and are no longer under that pressure of force.

Why Radical Purpose in Life is Foundational

After 13 years of working in a dysfunctional organization and industry himself, Jose realized that he could no longer live or contribute to the dysfunction of the systems of force. So he has spent the last seven years researching human motivation and organizational environments, leading to the Radical Purpose Framework, Collaborative Canvas, and Collaborative Agreement and co-authoring Radical Companies.

Jose is an entrepreneur, a change agent, a paradigm shifter, a researcher, and an author. In this interview, discover what brought Jose to the point in his life that, despite his successes, made him question his environment and actions.

Through research into human behavior and psychology, and aligning body, mind, and heart, he shows us that “Our radical purpose is our essence. It is who we are. The reason we call it radical purpose is because, like the word radical has two meanings, the meaning of fundamental, or the root. It is these systems that actually are the root of our behavior. We cannot make decisions without them.”

So, what is your radical purpose?

You can also listen to my conversation with Carol on Pausing and Questioning Everything here and share your thoughts.

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