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Nov 18, 2021 | Daily Trek

Radical Trekking - Trekking into the Unknown - Ayelet Baron

My Radical Trekking

Feeling into the deep, profound and radical importance of how to navigate the path in my own way has been the most recent focus of my life. By practicing being present, living regeneratively, observing without judgment, transforming problems into opportunities, new paths open up to mysterious places.

I let go of most of my worldly possessions in May 2021 and became location independent. For the past few years, as you may know, I jumped off the expected track of societal success to answer a calling I had deep in the Amazon Rainforest about our collective future. 

Spending time in the midst of Nature, far away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, allowed me the opportunity to see, with new eyes, that there is another way to live and work when we discover our own wonder, trek into the unknown and trust our hearts. 

As I began my trek into the unknown, many questions emerged. No matter how hard I looked, there were no books or guides to help me. I learned that my ability to live each day from my heart is the boldest and most authentic journey I can take. And, when I was ready, I wanted to provide what I didn’t have when I took those first steps and wrote the F*ck the Bucket List trilogy in 2020, guided by my co-author, the Universe. 

As I ventured deeper into the trek, I realized that my mission was to help us realize that the future is ours to create. And as this realization became clearer, Forbes took notice and recognized me as one of the top 50 Global Female Futurists, this not only gave me an external platform to share where we’re headed but opened my eyes to the fact that it was so much bigger.

As a futurist and author, I’m here to share that despite our current global and personal challenges, there are vast opportunities available to us to explore. They begin to show up when we remember why we are each here right now, at this point in history, and how connected we are. 

The next five years are foundational in rewiring ourselves for what is coming. As I foresaw in 2012, the old ways are breaking apart and instead of fixing them, it’s time for a healthier path forward. I am bursting with questions, ideas, real-life stories and wisdom to share with you on where we are headed and developing tools to help us navigate.

The Radical Trekking Platform

Today, I’m excited to share with you the launch of the Radical Trekking platform, which serves as a community for sharing stories, insights, ideas, and the wonderful people we meet along the way as we explore the edges of possibilities. 

Radical Trekking includes several ways to connect and will be rolled out in phases.

  • The Daily Trek, a daily blog, I am committing to sharing perspectives, insights, questions, and instigations on one relevant issue, one story, one personal experiment, and wisdom from the Universe. Every Day. You can sign-up to receive the daily article via email too.
  • Radical Trekking LIVE, in December we will roll in the next phase, a live-stream program that will include interviews, conversations, and resources that we find along the trek.
  • Radical Trekking Explore, In early 2022, we will round out the offerings with phase 3, a series of webinars and talks to expand the range of possibilities even further.
  • Then who knows. We are trekking into the unknown so anything can happen.

The Daily Trek begins today, November 18th, 2021. We will share more details on the next phases soon.

Radical Trekking is the home for the growing community of heart-centered, conscious leaders who desire to create alternative ways of living and working. I am excited to have you on this journey of exploration. I look forward to not only hearing and sharing your stories and insights, but I invite you to reach out and join me in conversation on this Radical Trekking platform. 

Are you ready to join me on a journey of a lifetime?

Ayelet Baron

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