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Real Talk

Jul 23, 2023 | Conscious Communication, Daily Trek

Real Talk - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Real Talk

Real talk is more than just words. It’s about living in the now, really listening, and being honest about what’s going on with us. Even if as kids we were shut down when we asked big questions like “why are we here?”—now is our opportunity to question everything. And create healthy ways to connect with ourselves and each other.

Consider sitting around a table having a conversation. When all we do is repeat old tales over and over, people lose interest fast. Few have the guts to question why we are reliving stories. Maybe real talk isn’t about rehashing the past.

Imagine you’re at a family dinner. You’re sharing your feelings about a recent event in the moment, connected with your family. You’re not just talking about the past, you’re sharing how you feel right now. Perhaps that’s real connection.

Let’s say you and your friend see a movie. You each have different opinions about it. That’s okay. The truth you tell is your truth right now. We don’t need to see the movie the same way. What if all we need is listen and understand each other’s insights?

Living Real Talk

Real talk is like watching a live soccer match. It’s not about the games we won or lost in the past. It’s about the game that’s playing out right now.

Connections change just like the scoreboard at a game. They aren’t set in stone. Once we understand this, our conversations become more real. We connect, we learn, and we share honestly. We’re tuned in to the pulse of the present, just like fans rooting for their team at a match. This excitement adds a spark to our chats, as we get to discover new thoughts without stifling anyone.

Picture a chat where there’s no tug-of-war or clash. We’re curious and brave enough to really listen—not only to our own hearts but also to those around us. We don’t need to score points when we’re bold enough to step into uncharted territory and let go of our need to be right. Now, our focus is more on wellbeing than a race to win.

Being real with ourselves and each other changes everything. It alters our view and sharpens our insights. With real talk, we see what’s real because we don’t need to play pretend anymore.

The more of us that bravely speak the truth, the more control we have to make our lives and the world around us healthier. Our best shot at thriving comes from those who have the courage to be radically honest.

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