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What We Really Need

Oct 25, 2022 | Daily Trek, Inspiration

What We Really Need - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

What Do We Really Need?

Does anyone truly know what you really need right now? 

How many people in your life are so attune with your needs that they can be met at this very moment?

If your answer is yes and many know, then today’s daily trek is not for you. 

But if no one really knows your real need, and even you are questioning it, then let’s get started.

Blank Canvas

Imagine you were told that you were gifted two acres of land near the ocean at a beautiful location. But there were two stipulations. One you would really need to build a structure that has never been built before to live in—from design to simple furnishings. 

There are no zoning requirements so you are free to tap into your wildest imagination. And you are also gifted a budget of $369,000. To receive the deed, you need to meet these two requirements. And there is also an expectation that you share the story of how you arrived at your design based on what you really need; the more imaginative, the better.

Living by the ocean is a dream of yours and now it can be a reality. And you realize that instead of calling in an expert, you are going to take a sketchbook and your eight-year old nephew for a hot chocolate at your local park. Part of the story is the fun you create by exploring together.

The question that was given you with this generous gift is what can be created that has never been done that is functional and supports what you really need?

Needs Are the Building Blocks

Together with people in your life, you imagine a unique structure for your new property. You ask questions and play with possibilities. Nothing is off limits or set in stone. Tapping into imagination and curiosity is your first step in defining what you really need. Perhaps it is important to define what purpose the structure would serve?

Maybe before creating another structure, you dig deep into the meaning of your creation?

You would only go to the architects or construction experts once you had a concept in mind. Why? Because you didn’t want to have pre-determined rooms in your structure that instructed you on what you needed to do in them. Maybe you wouldn’t have a living room because who actually spends time today in that room?

Perhaps you would create a room that has yet to be created anywhere else that would be very valuable to you? Is it possible there would be no rooms at all?

This adventure allows you to begin with a blank canvas. It may be daunting to not hire experts initially to do all the work. But having clarity on your needs can only come from you and no one else. There are no trends to follow here. 

What would your story be if you were given this gift? What would you create that would reflect who you are and how you want to show up?

What Do You Really Need?

Every day, there are coaches, experts and gurus telling us they have our steps to success. But why would anyone assume they would have our secrets to a good life when they know nothing about our life? Are all lives really the same? Do all men and women, for example, face the same opportunities? And do we all agree on the same principles and values of living a good life or having the perfect home?

This is a time to break away and no longer be influenced by anyone’s secret steps for success. Building structures and lives that support us with deep meaning. 

Only we know what resonates with us when we become clear on our needs. Our inner knowing opens the door for us to become aware of being brave enough, which is different for each of us. But we have to go inside ourselves and explore. Do we want cookie cutter structures and lives or do we want to invest in authoring our own theme song that is truly ours?

What if You Are Whole?

What if you are the only one who can lead yourself to live a healthy life. Do you need more joy, less stress, and more energy to play? What would it be like to no longer need to “achieve” or win the good life and just be who you are? Maybe more heart-to-heart conversations and less tips and tricks from experts? 

This is a time of great trust in ourselves. There is no formula or secret to the mystery of life.

Knowing that there may be another piece of you that wants to emerge and explore the edges of life, what is it that you truly need? 

What is your magnificent ability to be absolutely anything that is authentically you?

You are gifted genuine love and a beautiful adventure on the earth, what now?

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