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We’re Here for A Reason

Apr 8, 2022 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Reason - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

We’re Here for A Reason

There is a reason to everything and why we are here matters.

As a former market researcher and public opinion pollster, I was trained to observe human behavior and it has always fascinated me to listen to people and have a deeper understanding of why we believe the things we do. And I’ve had a front seat to running large surveys and reporting on trends from the age of twenty-six when I was responsible for public opinion polls, media studies, environmental studies and organizational surveys.

As a futurist, I look at trends and help us see what’s possible especially when it comes to our humanity. What is fascinating is that time and time again, so many surveys and studies report a low employee engagement.

And when we dig deeper, we learn over and over that satisfaction with a job or an employer is directly correlated to one’s sense of making an impact and a difference. It is clear that when we feel we make a contribution and matter, we have a higher sense of connection and satisfaction with what we are creating.

The is Impact

While this is not rocket science, most organizations don’t really get that at the heart of these low satisfaction scores is a person’s need and desire to be connected to the very fabric of the organization. Imagine what would happen when organizations understand that people will be engaged when the culture is a way of life. No one has to recite the values because they are embedded in how work is done.

Pay increases, promotions, flexible time and workplace perks are no longer enough.

The name of the game now is making work meaningful and people having a sense of making an impact, while being appreciated, which is why pay, benefits and perks no longer serve as carrots.

Conscious leaders who get this are fully aware that meaning matters and not the fad of purpose-driven brands (without walking their talk) or starting with the Why.  It’s so much more simple than these overused campaigns. What we all want is to know that we made a difference and made something happen; and to be valued for it.

This is something that is available to each of us and it doesn’t require a change strategy. When we live our values, we are clear on our value exchanges and it is easy recognize people’s contributions.

This is why our future is human. It’s about having a heart and focusing on what really matters.

Humanity is being called to grow up, take on its fears, and exercise responsibility. This can be an anxiety-producing transition for individuals, and it is a powerful anxiety-producing transition for humanity as a whole, as social responsibility becomes very personal and ties us all to the outcome of our collective actions. It’s no longer something that someone else must do.

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