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Reflecting on the Passage

Nov 25, 2023 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Reflecting on the Passage - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Reflecting on the passage of ten years, consider this. Envision yourself sitting across from your younger self, sharing a moment over a cup of tea,  coffee or whatever you fancy.

Observe the changes in yourself—the growth, the letting go, the experiences of both pain and joy. And maybe you don’t even recognize that person because so much has changed since then. Perhaps you are more aware of deep divisions from our natural environment. And no longer trust stories that don’t make sense.

Reflecting on the passage isn’t just about nostalgia; it’s about recognizing our evolution. Change is natural. As spring gives way to summer and summer fades into fall, the leaves drift with the wind, accepting the change without question. And so, we’ve each transform in numerous ways. But can we  acknowledge the shifts?

Maybe after reflection, your changes include personal losses, health transformations, or shifts in your worldview. Perhaps now, you find a deeper connection with nature, like sensing a communion with the trees outside your window.

This journey is ongoing. Amidst external conflicts and societal challenges, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The news focuses on conflicts and divisions. But this is only part of the story depending on where your borders are.

Consider your life as a tapestry woven with diverse threads, each representing different experiences and perspectives. This tapestry, like our world, contains both beauty and areas marred by fear and anger. Fear often underpins many of the world’s problems, whether it’s conflicts over resources, accumulation of wealth, or struggles for power. This fear leads to a mentality of scarcity and deep division, which we are witnessing now in all corners of the world.

The upcoming years promise more challenges, but also more opportunities for transformation. It’s all about our ability to shift from problem solvers to opportunity creators.

And as we become more conscious of our power, anchored not in external factors but in internal compassion, significant shifts will occur. Younger generations are poised to step into roles of change and leadership. Possibly bringing fresh perspectives and energies.

Older people are not retiring to garden or play golf. But to bring wisdom from life lessons to the creation of healthy realties. Horrific things are happening that are shaking many of us to the core. And we are pausing to create new ways instead of fighting the old.

We are seeing the power of community in times of crisis. And on the edges, not the mainstream, we are stepping into our power to weave a new tapestry by seeing through agendas to tear us apart and keep us fighting over scarcity.

In health care, a paradigm shift is emerging. People are moving away from a sole reliance on medication towards holistic wellness, embracing lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, and mindfulness. This shift will bring its challenges, especially as it conflicts with established medical practices.And it’s no longer a fight but a weaving of healthy practices that now also include sound healing and body work for example.

Reflecting on the passage is vital. Because over the next ten years, the question is not just about who you will become, but what you will create. Managing emotions, practicing compassion, and treating others as you wish to be treated will be crucial.

These principles guide us through future challenges, cultivating a world where healing, understanding, and growth replace division, hate, and fear. However, it requires effort and awareness not to bury our heads in the sand, expecting others to do the work for us or save us.

Now, when we ask someone, “How are you?” we commit to listening deeply. Because we not only care but we nourish each other.

Our journey is a part of a larger tapestry, and each choice, each act, each moment of self-reflection contributes to a different world. Can we embrace this journey with an open heart and a mindful spirit, and understand that our actions determine what plays out?

Always being open to learning, experimenting and practicing the ancient technologies of dialogue, trust and community. What happens when we are ready to see with new eyes and a curious and courageous heart?

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