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A New Renaissance

Jun 10, 2022 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

The New Renaissance - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

A New Renaissance

The pressures we are facing are immense. While these times are fraught with difficulties, maybe we are ushering in a new renaissance of creativity and cooperation as we rise to see the opportunities?

We have a tremendous capacity to create, adapt and flourish even while under stress and facing uncertainty.

Beneath the darkness of the world from war to layoffs and deep divides, the foundation is being laid for a new paradigm of living (and working). There are visionaries in different parts of the globe choosing a simpler and more natural life.

Paradigm shifts always depend on people who are not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom and practices. We need more than anything, at this moment, the changemakers with the courage and determination to pave the way for soul-centered living.

A Renaissance is Weaving Itself Together

And while it’s not easy for many, there is a realization that we may no longer desire things to be normal or easy. A few inspired souls are drawn to a closer relationship with Nature, beyond taking a walk or detoxing for a few hours. Many are starting to garden and share our lives with pets.

People I worked with in corporate jobs are now posting photos of their goats, chickens and farms. They’ve never been happier.

A connection with the soil beneath our feet and the land is gaining strength as seeds are being planted so humans and the planet take a healthier direction.

Community gardens are also becoming more essential for people who want to share land to be connected to food. There is a gardening boom taking place in many different spaces. And studies are finding that gardening also has mental health and societal benefits.

Earth Regenerators

Some people believe it’s all up to the younger generation and we hear that story running over and over that they are the answer. But is that true?

 Joe Brewer recently posted a photo of his daughter, Elise, planting in their home in Barichara, Colombia and wrote, “The children will lead the way— but only if we show them how.”

And Elise is side by side with Joe and the community creating an ecoversity—learning how to shape a network of bioregions around the interchanges of agroforestry, and the increasing clarity for establishing the first territorial foundation. In the background, they are bringing in regenerative finance and land-based systems change.

Tending to the Garden

Think of yourself standing on a field, planting seeds as you go through life. Which seeds do you want to plant? What impact will they have? What impact will they create for you and others?

All you need to do is imagine your seeds, and then start the planting, knowing not much grows wild overnight.

Smiles, on the other hand, can spread quite quickly. Can you plant a smile when you’re just walking by someone?

Just plant and make sure that every seed contains positive energy in it. That’s all you need.

One day you might look back and see an entire forest. But in the meantime, it’s all about being in harmony with nature.

Inner peace is equally available to each of us.

ps. There are over 20,000 species of edible plants in the world. Fewer than 20 species provide 90% of our food. Here are hundreds of less well known nutritious edible plants.

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