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Richness in a World of Plenty

May 1, 2024 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Richness in a World of Plenty - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

In a world of plenty, richness prompts us to question what constitutes true value and health in a society overly focused on monetary gain.

If you woke up tomorrow with a billion dollars, how would your life shift? While many dream of quitting their jobs and helping others, statistics show a stark reality: nearly 70% of lottery winners face bankruptcy within a few years.

Money, the world’s driving force, also ignites protests, terror, wars, and greater divisions. We no longer understand where the money we donate really goes and what it fuels in the name of charity. Follow the money and you will understand everything happening in our world. Well, almost.

Can we look beyond the operating system we humans created? Initially, money involved items with intrinsic value or usefulness in everyday life, not coins or paper we created. The rarity of gold and diamonds indicates we value scarcity over abundance.

As for GDP, it’s merely a number that fails to capture the true state of our nations, focusing solely on economic transactions while neglecting environmental and societal health. If our real treasure lies in our health, education, and community engagement, why not create healthy indicators to live by? What if we define achievement not by how much we accumulate but by our quality of life? By challenging these outdated metrics, we shake the foundation of traditional economic thinking. Isn’t it time we envisioned a system that measures what truly enriches our lives, beyond the superficial metrics?

Money, often viewed as the ultimate goal in life, do we know “How much is truly enough?” We invented money, attributing value to mere paper and metals, which in turn crafted our social hierarchy. Yet, in times of illness caused by stress or unhealthy habits, can money truly rescue us?

Richness in experiences, relationships, emotional depth, and personal growth. What if the measure of our societal health wasn’t our wealth but our wellbeing? When people possess more wealth than some countries and can effortlessly dismiss millions as tax write-offs, can we question who crafted these systems? Billionaires will become trillionaires being hailed for their philanthropy! Can we maybe start by openly talking about money instead of just idealizing the ones who we believe have the “good” life and do”good”?

Looking ahead, the demand for skilled labor will surpass the need for traditional office jobs. We have an opportunity to create healthy forms of education—ones that foster creators rather than producing workers. As depression and suicide rates rise dramatically across the world, we can question the illusion of ‘the good life.’ We stop talking about privilege and fighting. It’s all a question of becoming aware of what and who we truly are.

“Race-based policies tend to backfire. And, in fact, produce more negative than positive outcomes. It’s more important to focus on the future rather than the past by prioritizing merit and economic prosperity.”—Magnate Wade, on a mission: 2.5 Billion Prosperous Africans by 2050.

We become what we resist. Recognizing the influence of our choices is crucial. When we turned simple paper into a global currency, we didn’t just create money; we created division. What could we build around the richness of our lives? Because we can …

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