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Rise of the Elders: A Silver-Lined Foundation

Jul 27, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Rise of the Elders: A Silver-Lined Revolution - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Rise of the Elders

The rise of the elders is increasing in many ways. The number of people over the age of 60 is on a steady rise. The global count will double by the mid-century, marking an unprecedented ‘silver’ foundation to a shift in consciousness. Elders—those in Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia—are poised to form a quarter of the total population.

As we also live longer, perhaps 60 becomes the new 40. And maybe it’s no longer about age but having the curiosity and courage to step into our power at any age or intersection of life. Many are no longer choosing retirement. And their influence will only grow, dispelling the old stereotype of elders as apathetic or stuck in their ways.

But being an elder isn’t about the number of years we’ve lived. Instead, it’s about our wisdom shining through our actions. It’s about the contributions being made to the greater community; in actions and in creation.

We’re on the brink of a major shift: more and more, leadership will be about leading by example. It goes beyond talking about principles, values, and teachings—it’s about living them. Actions, deeply rooted in creation, will guide communities, showing there is another path to carve.

A Silver-Lined Foundation

The last few years have shaken complacency, making it clear that it’s time to create healthier paths. Elders understand this deeply, and it’s pushing them to action. Instead of fading quietly into retirement, they’re not accepting the golden years as a time to withdraw from the world. There is a renewed sense of purpose.

With powerful voices, wisdom, and financial prowess, elders are saying enough. They’re backing environmental initiatives, advocating for safer food, improved healthcare, peace, collaboration, education, and science. In essence, they’re advocating for the future of our planet.

We’ve all heard stories of billionaires turning philanthropic late in life; wanting to do good by giving money to causes and also getting tax receipts in exchange of this goodness. However, the movement among elders is more profound and far-reaching. This isn’t about a few individuals; it’s about  harnessing a collective power to forge a healthier world.

We often say that youth are our future. But elders, too, are becoming a formidable force. The rise of the elders signifies stepping up with a commitment to creation. And the more we love ourselves, the more we are able to share and co-create. No one gives life meaning apart from each of us in our own way.

And yet, this isn’t a solo journey. The opportunities we face require collective action. The rise of the elders means more communities uniting around shared purpose, taking concerted action towards a healthier, loving world. Age isn’t a barrier—it’s an asset. And as elders increasingly take up this mantle, we begin to understand that change comes from within; in deep alignment with Nature.

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