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Rising Beyond Success: Listening to Our Own Heartbeat

Dec 2, 2023 | Daily Trek, Tales from the Trek

Rising Beyond Success - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Rising Beyond Success

For many of us rising beyond success means choosing ourselves by learning what we need. In the labyrinth of life, when pain sears through us, we confront the profound depths of suffering. This experience, though harrowing, is not a singular path. It divides.

Some tread the familiar trail of hurt, echoing their agony onto others. Yet, there are those among us who choose differently. We navigate through our tribulations, seeing the world not just with our eyes but with compassionate hearts. We don’t succumb to the ease of judgment or the divisiveness of blame.

In our midst, unfortunately, dwell individuals who thrive on inflicting pain. Sociopaths, narcissists weave webs of deception and manipulation. They elevate us only to cast us down into the depths of their own unresolved hurt.

It’s a relentless cycle of entrapment and abandonment. However, as beings awakening to our true potential, we no longer dance to the tune of their chaos. Our spirits, untethered and free, begin to see through their masquerade and into our own hearts’ passions.

We have stepped out of the shadows of waiting to be chosen. Now, we boldly make our own choices. We understand the unspoken truth: when people reveal their true selves, they bare their soul’s narrative. And when they cast judgments or aspersions our way, it’s often a mirror of their internal battles, not ours.

Rising Beyond Success Means Bouncing on Our Own

Freeing ourselves, we embark on our own journey. We discern who and what aligns with our wellbeing, unshackled from the need for external validation, likes or popularity. Our path is not one of division or conquest; it is a journey of continuous learning, growth, and creation at our own unique rhythm.

In embracing our vulnerabilities, we allow ourselves the grace of falls and pauses. Rising beyond success means we no longer strain against the climb. But realize that sometimes being stationary is where we need to be. In this space, grounded and in harmony with the entirety of Nature, we make choices that don’t compromise our health or peace.

The horizon beckons us to a flight of liberation. Like a hawk soaring into the vastness, we dive into life’s possibilities, aligning with our deepest values. We rise beyond societal success. Our legacy is not just in personal achievements but in being pillars of community, restorers of the Earth, and architects of a culture rich in abundance and vitality.

Imagine a world where success is not about personal accolades but about being a beacon of light, a restorer of harmony, a creator of a healthy life. We are not just here to succeed; we are here to build, to heal, to connect, and to be etched in the annals of time for our contributions to a world thriving in creation of what is possible. Dancing to our own rhythm—no longer caring who is watching.

Today, I celebrate a vital milestone: the restoration of my physical and mental health. Understanding our limits in all life aspects opens endless possibilities. With a child’s curiosity and bravery, we trust our heartbeat’s rhythm. We navigate life’s vast sea, rising beyond conventional success. We learn to trust the currents.

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