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Conscious Collaboration

Feb 22, 2023 | Conscious Communication, Daily Trek

Sacred Collaboration - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Conscious Collaboration

Conscious collaboration involves a high level of awareness and intentionality in working together. There is mutual respect of the unique strengths, values, and perspectives of each person involved. It involves being present in the moment, actively listening, and seeking to understand all perspectives.

Sometimes we may have a dream or idea that could help many people. But we find ourselves surrounded by individuals who either lack the skills to bring the dream to fruition or unconsciously pretend to share the same vision.

The only way to truly understand whether or not we’re on the same page is through experimentation. And this process can be painful because we still have a long way to go when it comes to effective dialogue, openness and honesty.

When we’re too focused on our individual needs, it’s difficult to prioritize the needs of the collective. Avoiding discomfort by not being honest, and authentic only disconnects us further from our true purpose.

Unlocking Conscious Collaboration

Collaboration is not always easy. And it’s not uncommon to discover that we don’t share the same vision when we try to work together. Though everyone may be doing their best, not everyone is always open to finding common ground.

As an example, I recently heard about a remarkable woman who started a sustainable business only to be pushed out of her own company by investors. The focus of creating a sustainable company serving the community shifted to revenue growth; despite being a B Corp. And this has been happening for decades unfortunately. But is replacing a passionate conscious leader with a CEO who is a sales machine the way forward?

Isn’t it time to say no to outdated models that prioritize ego-driven ideas of success that destroy lives and ignore the true purpose of why a company was founded? The desire for never-ending growth never ceases. And we lose sight of why we created the company in the first place.

When things fall apart, it can be painful and disheartening. However, what if it’s a blessing in disguise that we discovered the issues early on before they spiral into legal battles or other negative consequences?

We have quite the journey ahead as we work towards establishing healthy approaches and learn from our experiences. Rather than engaging in conflict, we choose to collaborate with people who prioritize conscious collaboration as a fundamental aspect of our lives.

Conscious collaboration is rooted in a shared vision and purpose from the outset. And emphasizes the importance of working towards a shared purpose. It goes beyond just achieving a specific outcome. It helps us experience the journey of working together, creating a sense of community, and fostering personal growth and transformation for all involved.

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