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Sailing to Connection: From Tech to High Seas

Nov 13, 2023 | Daily Trek, Tales from the Trek

Sailing to Connection - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Sailing to Connection: From Tech to High Seas

Sailing to connection is a journey of wild transformation. Imagine waking up one day and realizing that the highlight of your day is the bus ride to and from work. And this one realization leads you to an unconventional decision: to sell everything and embark on a journey into the unknown, a journey of sailing towards deeper connections.

The transition from a busy software engineer at Microsoft to a world-sailing adventurer is a compelling tale of self-discovery and examining beliefs and priorities. Brian Trautman’s daily commute once served as his only respite, signaling a deep-seated need for change. In 2008, he acted on this need, selling his possessions and embarking on a life-changing journey aboard the SV Delos, a 53-foot sailboat.

The financial aspects of this adventure were challenging. He had to use various means, including exhausting his savings, maxing out credit cards, and even cashing out his retirement savings. Yet, it was through these challenges that he found a way to sustain his journey: YouTube.

Together with his wife Karin, whom he met in New Zealand, Brian began documenting their sailing adventures on their YouTube channel, Sailing SV Delos. This project, initially a side endeavor to support their travels, evolved into their main source of income and a platform for connection with a global community. Their channel not only shares their seafaring experiences but also creates a virtual community, connecting them with people from all corners of the world.

The two also invited family, friends and crews on some of their adventures.

Sailing to Connection: Defining Priorities and Relationships

Life on the sailboat, while offering breathtaking experiences, came with its share of difficulties. From limited storage for essentials like fresh produce to the unpredictability of weather, life is a constant dance with nature’s rhythms. Despite these challenges, the rewards are unparalleled. Raising their daughter Sierra on the boat means giving her a firsthand experience of the world’s natural wonders, a learning experience far beyond conventional methods.

Staying connected with family and friends is crucial. They have found innovative ways to maintain these connections, such as inviting family members to join them at different docking points around the world. These reunions have been essential in nurturing their relationships, providing shared experiences and memories.

Change is more than just a shift; it’s a powerful awakening to what truly matters. It’s about pioneering our own systems, crafting paths that resonate with our deepest values, paths that no one else can forge for us. This journey places a profound emphasis on the quality of our relationships, not just with others but also with ourselves.

The story of sailing to connection transcends the act of sailing. It embodies a profound transformation, showcasing the remarkable adaptability of the human spirit. It underscores the vital need to nurture connections in a world that never stands still, emphasizing that our true compass lies in our bonds—with nature, each other, and our inner selves.

We each have a pivotal choice: do we navigate our journey by following the rhythm of our own heartbeat, or do we tread along the paths of pre-existing narratives? This story is a testament to the power of choosing our own course in a world of endless possibilities. Only we can explore what is healthy for our wellbeing and this requires courage.

“The ocean is a mighty harmonist.” —William Wordsworth

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