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When the Story of Saving the World Ends, What Begins?

May 12, 2022 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Saving the World- Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

When the Story of Saving the World Ends, What Begins?

Saving the world has become a lucrative business in a world where no one wants to be truly saved or fixed. I am not sure what the source of saving the world or being the hero that is celebrated originated.

But it is rampant across every edge of the world. It is a common language around the world to want to save or change the world from Mumbai to California to Dubai and Sydney. 

It’s estimated that there are approximately ten million nonprofit organizations worldwide operating in the humanitarian sector, and yet the numbers related to hunger, disease, and homelessness are still staggering. So how is saving the world working for us?

Is it Really About Saving the World or Anyone?

Sure, we can fix machines. The car breaks down, we take it into the shop. The car experts (mechanics) run diagnostics, order parts and fix whatever is broken. And we may gasp at the bill if the car is no longer under warranty and then drive away; until the next time. 

But we are not machines. Despite the number of experts, coaches and people willing to take our money and “fix” us, are we truly broken or are we simply an ever evolving work in progress? 

Saving the world is an old story that we can walk away from. We cannot change, fix or rewire anyone although some people never give up trying. 

The truth of the matter is that no one wants to be fixed. That is the flawed approach so many take whether it is with people, nonprofits or corporate social responsibility programs. Natural transformation, integration and value are our way forward. 

And yet, we keep trying to change and fix problems constantly. Sometimes, we need to simply understand our environment and decide whether we want to adapt or not. When do we understand that we are not in the fixing or saving business when it comes to people? 

Relationships that are pure are never transactional or about fixing problems; they are about facing ourselves and each other. They are energetic exchanges that fuel us. 

Healthy stories are ready to be written and unleashed. There are over 8 billion reasons (people) why this is a wonderful mission. What healthy story are you writing for yourself?

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