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What Are We Truly Saving?

Aug 13, 2022 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

What Are We Truly Saving? - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

What Are We Saving?

There is a world of difference between respecting the Earth and Nature and trying to save collapsing manmade systems.

Does this world really need saving or changing? Quite honestly and with no filters, why would we want to save a divided world? Do we really want to spread or defend collapsing systems?

What does saving the world really mean after all? And does this belief serve us where we are headed?

We don’t need to save the planet in the traditional way. Our opportunity is to make conscious decisions and live in harmony with Nature. Respect and accountability is on the horizon when it comes to sustainable and regenerative living. No one is coming to save us. The emerging world needs conscious creators more than heroes.

Transformation is A Journey in Itself

It’s our choice whether we consume fifteen to sixty-second sound bites on TikTok or three-minute videos on YouTube. No one glues us to our electronic devices. But the question is not how we are consuming, but what is it that we are choosing to watch? Do we really need to be entertained or inspired by the world stage of celebrities, athletes or influencers? Who is creating music, films, books, theatre, art and shows that light up the human spirit? Do we really need more dark detective series or more murder true crime mysteries?

I ran a workshop with youth where many dreamed of being famous wealthy musicians or forensic scientists. Whatever television shows are popular have an impact. And so, who is now creating healthy programming that feed the souls of our youth to dream and imagine healthy opportunities? When will we step out of how this world was constructed and ask different questions so we can step into our power as creators?

The irony is that we can no longer blame technology and what we choose to consume for the choices we make around what and who we consume. When we care enough and become self-aware, our health improves dramatically. We stop bring the darkness with us everywhere we go. 

There would be no need to clean our oceans when we shift from use of plastic, for example, to allies like hemp and bamboo. When we don’t leave our garbage at the beach or only consume products that don’t leave a footprint, we don’t create a problem. When we consume healthy products and services much changes. In a world where money matters, where we spend our money says everything about us.

Behavior Change is A Journey

Behavior Change - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

And the truth is that once we become conscious about our choices, we are only half way there. Why? Because as humans the first step in transformation is awareness and there are three additional steps in between that take us to internalization at our own pace. 

Being aware is not enough. We need to understand how being more conscious, for example, applies to us. Making healthier choices is a practice as we slowly adopt new ways of being and translate our choice to our own situation. 

And when we make the unconscious, conscious, we simply make it a way of life through adoption of healthy practices. But until we reach internalization, we can always fall back to unhealthy habits and consumption. It truly is about making a healthy way of life through conscious awareness. Otherwise, we continue to repeat our history.

Trekking into Unknown Opportunities

But things don’t just miraculously appear as many of the gurus would like us to believe and buy into their solutions. It takes effort on our part in our unique way. And along the way, we are tested with traps, seductions and reality, which I will dive into in a future trek. 

When we are focused on saving the world, we are trying to solve problems that may not have a solution. And often, we are simply doing the same thing over and over when we can’t step out of the paradigm and see what’s actually possible. 

When we are conscious of our opportunities, we understand the Earth nourishes us as do the sun and healthy soil. What if we simply plant seeds for healthy systems and ways of living. And when we do, we can start feeling the surge of excitement of harvesting the next crop or being delighted by the mystery of what will bloom next? 

Saving Ourselves Through Healthy Living

Becoming aware of what lights us up and makes us come alive takes understanding what it means to us, translating by making conscious choices and adopting healthy practices. 

Maybe when we connect with the people we truly resonate with, who accept us for who we are and who we are becoming, we will find our way to co-creating the new world? I know I keep trying even though it is very challenging at times. So, I simply keep experimenting.

And what if this is all a giant experiment? Because sometimes who we truly are is too much for some people. And becoming aware of this one truth will push us to understand that we are not for everyone. We become aware of the people we invite into our wellbeing with a healthy lens who are truly ready to trek into the unknown trusting our hearts.

Some people want to save this world and seven percent of the eight billion people on the planet are stepping out to build the foundation for a healthy one that serves the vast majority of humanity; not the few. It’s a conscious choice.

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