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Navigating the Seasons

May 30, 2022 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Seasons - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Navigating the Seasons

We are getting close to the midpoint of 2022 as Spring transforms into Summer in some parts of the world. But regardless of where we find ourselves right now on the planet, we all share the transformation of seasons. Nature simply flows and is always unpredictable. 

In nature, there is a very bright ball of light called the sun that lights the Earth and shines on the darkness to provide the life that sustains us all. The cycles and seasons of life are very powerful. 

During the winter, it is time to hide out and tap into our imaginations, dreams, and plans. We emerge in spring to plant seeds and dream. When summer rolls around, it is time to water the seeds and cultivate them. The fall is a time to celebrate the harvest and reap the rewards of our labors. 

Healing from the Inside Out

At the midpoint of this year, as the global and local divisions accelerate and widen, our ability to navigate the chaos means entering a state of deep reflection and awareness of what is in our control, and what is not. Learning to understand the root cause of world events and never ending cycles of breaking news helps us control our own reactions. 

Our external world is beyond chaotic right now and this is our time to feel into what is happening in our own realm. There is a coherence that wants to emerge when we can discern between what is ours and what is not ours. 

Navigating means understanding the agendas that want us to react in certain predictable  ways with fear and anxiety.  Reflecting on the last six months with compassion, we can choose to stay in the darkness and programming we inherited or let go and allow new life and opportunities to light us up. 

We know in our hearts that we can’t change anything by fighting the existing reality. It is up to us to start within ourselves; otherwise, we experience reruns and sequels. Experimenting, as I am finding out myself, is a healthy way of life where we find there’s always a way; especially when we break free. 

Reflecting on Our Seasons

Can we stop doing what we don’t want to do? Some people say yes to everything and some are learning to set boundaries and limits on what no longer resonates with them. And, like the seasons, flow in the direction that feels more natural. 

There are many people right now who are letting who they truly are out and no longer masking our feelings to be accepted or liked. I have witnessed partnerships and friendships heal when there’s more honesty and less drama. Not everything needs to be a conflict or a mini-series in our life. 

This is my favorite time of year where questions bring new life. Here are some reflections I am practicing, and please add your own:

  • Who was I at the start of 2022? What has shifted over the last six months?
  • What and who have I turned away from? What has felt unbearable that needs me to cut the chords and let go? What am I turning towards? What am I more in control of?
  • What am I excited about?  What is my heart whispering? How will I continue to take impeccable care of myself with curiosity, compassion and love?

A Journey of A Lifetime Begins with One Small Step

Our mental and spiritual strengths are useful tools when facing new obstacles. Whatever challenging story we’re facing, there is always someone going through his or her own hell. We can mentally prepare ourselves to jump into the swamp with the alligators when we know that our intention is for the highest good of all and we believe in it wholeheartedly. 

We can never give up. The biggest challenge can bring upon the biggest success when we nurture ourselves.

Despite setbacks and other various interferences, can we do our best to stay focused on our purpose and its impact? It is so important to let our heart fuel us when we get railroaded by the process, or when the system tries to rein us in. 

It is our choice to be even more present in the details and to live every moment to the fullest—even during the difficult times. Commit and ride the wave, knowing things can change very quickly and shift for the good and healthy at any moment.

We get to decide what and who comes with us for the next season ahead of us. The life and work we desire need wide open spaces and freedom to emerge.

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