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Shedding Our Armor

May 28, 2024 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Shedding Our Armor - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Is it time to shed our metaphorical armor? Because you can’t turn around without a self-proclaimed guru telling you to hustle harder.

Hustle culture surrounds us, pushing us to grind ourselves into dust. It’s like we’re all pretending to be okay in this messed-up boot camp called life. We play it tough, trying to be the last slice of pizza at the party, but it just leaves us stuck.

Our collective scarcity mindset reflects societal PTSD. We’re going through a lot. But instead of coming together to heal, we put up walls and wear armor to hide our emotions. If we paid attention in class, we always have an escape route ready.

Betrayal and pain became the norm. But when we decide to ditch the act and stop suffocating, our authentic selves emerge. Vulnerability isn’t weakness; it’s having the courage to be genuine, express our true emotions and fears, and face emotional risks head-on. It transforms into a source of strength.

Take off the armor and risk getting hurt. The price of staying guarded is much higher in the long run. At some point, you have to stop pretending and start living a real life.

So much shifts when we you open your heart, shed the armor, and embrace the unknown.

None of us want to be taken for granted. And when we no longer see ourselves as victims, there is no reason to hide. Wearing emotional armor saps your vitality like sand slipping through an hourglass.

Hurt is simply part of life, but ultimately, we heal. This is some of the hardest “work” we choose. Maybe our real armor is our courage to be real.

The smallest pebble creates the widest ripples. Is this an opportunity to venture into the unknown and plant the seeds of a new beginning?

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