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Shedding the Known: Unlearning Creates New Realities

Jan 27, 2024 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Shedding the Known: Unlearning Creates New Realities - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Shedding the Known

Unlearning means shedding the known. Learners cling to routines, trying to salvage a crumbling world, but we, the unlearners, are actively creating the emerging world. Despite being misunderstood by many, we keep our focus steadfast, moving beyond the need for approval.

We no longer choose to live in a world confined by labels, expertise, and competition. As we scratch our heads, our acceptance of the status quo fades, replaced by the curiosity of creating a healthier way.

A leadership guru might author an entire book on increasing job losses due to AI; without considering the need to discuss with people the evolving meaning of work in this century. The debate over remote, hybrid, or office work may no longer be relevant. Perhaps AI’s takeover of mundane tasks allows us to truly engage in fulfilling work or play. Maybe we see work as part of life. And we no longer live to work.

People often stand at conferences, detailing how to secure funding for companies that will use Blockchain to transform startup cities, yet they themselves have never created such a city nor spoken to those who live this reality.

Not at Our Own Expense

Shedding the known and unlearning involves releasing our grasp on how things should be. We observe the world and see clear evidence of wild, almost insane situations. These are real, yet we choose to step away from this insanity.

When something ends, it often sows the seeds of new beginnings, setting in motion a train of possibilities before we even realize. With a heart prepared for fresh starts, unforeseen opportunities arise, opening doors to surprises. The intention and act of beginning are surrounded by exciting possibilities. Unlearning allow us to recognize and embrace profound opportunities to be real and true to ourselves.

A few days ago, a premiere women’s event invited me to speak. I inquired about a speaking fee with the organizer, emphasizing my belief in women being valued. Not through words but with action. The organizer responded that it’s an opportunity to volunteer and do good. Unlearning means understanding our value and in 2024, no longer supporting the freemium model to do good for someone else at our own expense. When women start saying no, thank you, more, maybe companies begin valuing us more.

Later that day, I received an email from someone seeking help for a new client, asking me to do his research for him. I shared that I no longer provide free services in 2024. However, I left him a hint. He thanked me and revealed that his startup had recently collapsed due to lack of funding. Unlearning means understanding our value.

The known offers limited room for growth; it doesn’t embrace the vulnerability needed to welcome the new and possible. We’ve been conditioned to uphold the status quo, favoring comfort and predictability. However, for many, this approach is no longer viable. Unlearning means understanding that safety is risky.

Shedding the Known: Unlearning Creates New Realities

Real conversations need to happen outside expert conferences and conformity. Many in customer service focus on operational efficiency, missing the essence of human connection. It’s simple: care and empathy. We no longer accept standard approaches. Because we are no longer complaining but sharing the value and experience we expect.

Because there is no standard any more that is acceptable. The funnier part is when everyone is doing our best, we laugh more and experience less drama and conflict.

Some days we simply want flow and quiet so we make healthier choices. We may no longer need what we were told and life becomes simpler. Simply because there is less noise and tension. Health means no longer living in a drama and caring deeply for ourselves; not in the old way but in high self-awareness. It may piss people off but that’s no longer our story. We are not responsible for how anyone else reacts.

When we live with a mindset of abundance, we have options. And when we have a choice, we have a voice.

Traditional paths and practices, potent in their time, are now reaching a threshold for many. We seek practices and perspectives that resonate with the contemporary era, fusing timeless wisdom with cutting-edge insights, all while being grounded in a deep understanding of the human condition.

Embracing beginnings calls for a radical shaping of our lives, a feat demanding immense courage and profound tenderness. For in these new starts, we confront the full spectrum of our strength and vulnerability, laying bare the essence of our human experience.

Unlearning means we question and become very clear about what we need. It makes people uncomfortable and often confused because you no longer accept things as they are supposed to be. But whose story do we choose to live? Maybe being liked and followed is over rated?

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