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Shifting Consumer Choices and Industry Practices

Apr 30, 2024 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Shifting Consumer Choices and Industry Practices - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Shifting consumer choices not only reflects our impact on industry practices but the power over what we consume.

We take control of our well-being when we choose not to consume blindly. We demand better standards. Recent developments with brands like Bournvita highlight this. Marketed as a health drink for kids since 1948, Bournvita is a high sugar product. It began in the UK in the late 1920s and discontinued there in 2008. Yet, it still sells in India.

Hindustan Unilever Limited removed the “health” label from Horlicks, calling it instead a “functional nutritional drink.” But it came from people advocating for changes and also from increased health awareness. This wasn’t a rebrand; it was an acknowledgment of the need for integrity in how products are presented. As more of us question everything,  particularly concerning the high sugar content in these so-called health drinks, maybe there will no be reason for future outcries?

As companies adopt more transparent labeling as industry practices, they respond to a more discerning consumer base. The real contents of our food and drinks are no longer hidden behind vague promises of health benefits. This compels consumers to make healthier choices, ones that genuinely benefit their health and well-being.

With clearer information, we start to expect higher quality. We opt for products that genuinely nourish rather than simply satisfy a sweet craving. This shift is not just personal but societal. As we evolve, so must the industry practices of companies that serve us. No longer just to comply with laws but to meet the new industry standards of health and ethics.

The case of Bournvita, a product with a long history but questionable health benefits, exemplifies the need for this shift.

We actively engage in our health, equipped with knowledge and prepared to hold companies accountable. We dismiss products that don’t match our standards and choose those that honor our right to make informed decisions. As this cultural shift intensifies, a new marketplace arises, shaped by informed choices, conscious business practices, and a shared dedication to wellbeing.

Instead of battling disease, we prioritize genuine quality, not only in products but also in the quality of our lives.

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