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November 2022 Shifts

Oct 30, 2022 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

November 2022 Shifts- Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Shifts on the Horizon

Shifts and endings bring quantum leaps into our world. They can reveal truths and change the direction we are on. The question November is asking us is: can we begin to see things from a simpler perspective? Clarity is everything and can only be found within each of us.

Can we find lightness and joy in our journey rather than just focusing on goals? November is calling us to question why we do things the way we do and let go of anything stagnant in our lives.

There are many who are hanging on to dear life wanting everything to stay the same right now. And it’s mostly people and organizations—governments, corporations, investors, legal systems, health systems and others—who are heavily invested in our existing systems. They are doing everything possible to try to hold the collapsing pieces together.

But as we are witnessing on the world stage, the sequels and reruns are being questioned. And many of us are not only saying, enough, we’ve actually had enough of these stories and programs. We are increasingly aware that we no longer can afford to exploit the Earth’s resources, for example, and it’s time to regenerate the land, our systems and ourselves. 

There is no one coming to save us so it’s up to each of us to navigate our lives in healthy directions. Curiosity, radical honesty and courage are our allies. 

What if the next five years are about creating systems that support the vast majority of us? A healthy world that is open, equitable and truly regenerative is possible. And it’s in our hearts and our hands to imagine and create by trekking into the unknown. 

Shifts in November

November 2022 has some major shifts coming our way from political to financial and natural. What we will be experiencing are storms inviting us to break old patterns and move away from rigid structures and beliefs. As things shake up around us and in our own lives, there will be choices to make as there are no fixes to our old problems. Just more of the same.

Times of change bring opportunities. And November will shake us up and allow us to be curious and brave enough to go on adventures, as we let go of anything that has been stagnant in our lives. 

Disappointments come from unrealistic expectations so this is a great time to get grounded and clear. November’s shifts will help us get in motion and and forge healthier directions in our lives. 

We will face opportunities to surrender to the mystery of life and flow. Maybe we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be? Perhaps things are falling apart to allow us to birth something healthy?

Simplicity and Clarity

This is a time of purification—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—when we get back to simplicity. When our body is exhausted, our emotions are entangled. Getting back to basics allows us to understand what energies are influencing us during this time. And so getting clear on what we want to create will ground us. We can’t make our visions real until we make space and clean house. 

And to do so, we will need to slow down and conserve our energy—maybe even refuel and recharge? But not in the same ways as what we really need right now is clearing noise, criticism and beliefs that are not our own. Someone may tell us we’re doing too much or not enough but is it true?

When we pause, we can reflect what is actually true and discern who and what we listen to? People who are scared of uncertainty sometimes try to limit others by placing their own fears on us. But is It our fear to carry.?

We also need to remember that we always have choices. And this is a time to experiment and be adventurous. We can let go of old goals and criticism that no longer serve us. It is truly humbling to face ourselves and tap into our inner knowing.

We can choose a different direction as long as we are aligned with our health and wellbeing. Is it time to take what’s working with us and leave what’s not behind?

And of course, let’s focus on our opportunities; not on our problems. We are capable of seeing the possibilities in even our greatest challenges.  

Which Shifts Are Calling You?

Whatever unfolds, we will emerge, connected to our heart and in alignment with what we came here to create. 

This November invites us to get over ourselves when it comes to our illusions: fearing uncertainties, avoiding failure and seeking safety. Poet David Whyte reminds us that it is human to want to control everything in our lives but it is wasted energy that can be invested in simply being present. 

“By actually standing in the ground of your life fully, not trying to abstract yourself into a strategic future that’s actually just an escape from present heartbreak; the ability to stand in the ground of your life and to look at the horizon that is pulling you—in that moment, you are the whole journey. You are the whole conversation.” 

Is it time to ignite and spark the creative light within us?

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