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How Do We Show Up?

Jun 20, 2022 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Show Up - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Having an appreciation for how we want to show up is our choice. Some people say leaders are born, while others believe leadership can be developed. But what truly matters? Maybe, it’s how we choose to show up as leaders of our own life.

Maybe we’re born with everything we need and nothing is missing apart from our own adventure?

There are certain aspects, like our DNA for example, that we are born with. Every one of us has our own signature and uniqueness that is valuable and characterizes us. In essence, we are who we are and we can do the things we can do. For instance, if we are born short, we are short. We can dream about being tall but the reality is that we are physically, short.

So, isn’t it simpler to find the value within our own DNA.  There are people of all varying heights and weights all over the world and we each bring our own unique value in our own special way. We get to choose a healthy lifestyle as a way of life.

We really do have everything inside of us, and the biggest opportunity is to understand the root of any self-doubt and navigate ourselves, inside-out.  So much shifts when we respect who we are and see our own value, and connect with what we already have.

The story goes that if we have blue eyes, we may dream of having brown eyes. When we have blond hair, we may wish we were redheads. If we are losing our hair and going bald, we may dream of a full head of hair. The question of enough comes up often and when become aware that we are enough, we realize how powerful we are within ourselves. We can show up authentically.

Inner balance comes when we are comfortable with the gifts and talents we have been given. We have yet to be able to import changes to our DNA. Anything we try to change artificially is not authentic. We witness so many occurrences when humans mess around with nature, we pay the price. When we bring forth artificial solutions that are unnatural, there are always consequences.

Balance happens when all of the natural ingredients fit together. We may be seeking stability or comfort in conformity.  When we don’t  find it and are in constant search mode, maybe it is time to ask different questions.

Are we prepared to dig out our true self from the rubble and not bury our truth?

Understanding what we expect from the outside world may help us become increasingly aware of the rules and standards we have set for ourselves. We can start our days with questions and explore what our role is in each situation, not wait for someone else to lead us.

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