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How Are We Showing Up?

Oct 21, 2022 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Power of Showing Up - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Showing Up

Someone may have said that eighty percent of success in life is just showing up. But in the emerging world, showing up means first being present for ourselves. Before we can take care of anyone else, we must be whole ourselves.  

Showing up is no longer about achieving goals and superficial success. Showing up now means being who we are. And it is also about having a willingness to experiment and not take things too seriously. What if by showing up, we laugh more and bring lightness even to the heaviest situations? Perhaps we show up by allowing ourselves to fully experience life?

Author Paulo Coelho advises us that “When you say ‘yes’ to others make sure you are not saying ‘no’ to yourself.”

There will be people in our lives who will be upset with us for being our true selves. And as we evolve and discover our wonder, it will make them uncomfortable because they most likely have not faced their wounded parts. But can we really be who some else wants or expects us to be? 

More of us, right now, are questioning the rules we were given and instead making our own way to live our healthiest life. All we can be is real, honest and unapologetic about how we are showing up. Someone else’s discomfort is not ours to take on. 


In the film The Matrix, the protagonist Neo stops a hail of bullets coming toward him in mid-air by holding his hand out in front of his body, suspending them in midair. If we look at his expression, we see his amazement at this newly found ability. 

We have been conditioned to defend ourselves when we feel attacked. But do we really want to live life on the defense? Why have we learned to be offended or practice harsh self-judgement? Is it necessary where we’re headed? Maybe we can leave practices like suffering behind and free ourselves to create and thrive?

Why can’t we opt to have a conversation instead of finding ourselves in disagreements? And through open dialogue, we have an opportunity to create understanding without having to take a side or defend ourselves.

Today, the cashier at the local supermarket seemed out of sorts. I could have been offended by her behavior, which she was largely unaware of because she was distraught. I asked her whether she was ok? She told me she was having a really bad day and was waiting to hear if she could go home. Then, let out a huge sigh. When she picked up one of my permissions, she asked me about it. I shared that I eat it like an apple or add it to a salad. I told her that I hope she gets to go home soon. Then, offered her a permission to try later. She accepted after some protest, and smiled. 

Our efforts to listen and respond to people, and to nature, can be genuine and immediate. That’s showing up for ourselves and each other. All we can be is open and receptive to opportunities. We are not responsible for someone else’s reactions—anger, frustration, inability to listen, defensiveness, bad mood and the list goes on. But we don’t have to take it personally. We can always walk away, close a door or try to find a healthy way forward.

Showing Up as Ourselves

Staying out of judgment of ourselves and others reveals hidden and unknown blocks more clearly. When dealing with challenging situations, we can choose how we react. Only we can shift our own patterns, beliefs and access healthier frequencies.

When we do, opportunities will open up. Situations, or people that we’ve needed, will also start showing up. This is how our intentions become our creations in life.  When we open our heart, we tap into our true abilities. And no has the power to instruct us how to be unless we want to a character in their drama.

Consider this: Hiding ourselves serves no one and robs everyone from our gifts and energy. When we are showing up in our truth, we give ourselves permission to play and send a message about saying yes to ourselves. We no longer have to suck it up or do things at our own expense.

Aldous Huxley reminds us that “If most of us remain ignorant of ourselves, it is because self-knowledge is painful and we prefer the pleasures of illusion.”

Being in harmony with Nature means understanding what is natural in ourselves, each other and the planet. Shifting from superficial expectations of happiness to experiencing pure wonder, as we create what we need, means fully aligning our words with our actions. When we say we care, we simply show up with love—no baggage required. 

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