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Social Skills Beyond the Superficial

Feb 21, 2024 | Conscious Communication, Daily Trek

Social Skills Beyond the Superficial - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Research on Social Skills Goes Beyond the Superficial

Social skills extend far beyond the realm of superficial interactions and form the backbone of deep connection. Research underscores the crucial role these skills play in life and work, challenging the narrow view that equates social adeptness with the ability to mingle and socialize.

In the digital age, “social” networks profoundly impact decision-making and bias amplification. Research reveals these platforms often reinforce biases but also present opportunities to expand our views. Some algorithms have emerged, mitigating bias by encouraging a broader spectrum of perspectives within networks.

The new algorithm changes the selection and display of content on social networks to bring a broader range of viewpoints. It samples posts, comments, and information from a wider spectrum within a person’s network, aiming to more accurately reflect the wider community. This strategy counters the trend of social networks to echo our existing views, thereby cutting down on bias.

Hiding behind a screen to assert rightness is simple, but perhaps we can shift focus from social skills to human skills, fostering networks that encourage dialogue over broadcasting. Envision networks inspired by nature, where interactions don’t revolve around following or liking but rather heart-expanding connections. The path is long, for only by transitioning from small talk to soul talk in all life areas can we unlock our full potential to connect deeply and co-create.

Unlocking the Power of Social Skills in a Connected World

The spectrum of social skills encompasses a wide range of competencies, from empathy and leadership to cognitive flexibility. These skills are not just beneficial for traditionally ‘social’ roles but are integral to every aspect of life. The ability to understand and relate to one other, known as perspective taking, is equally vital in fields as diverse as sales and engineering. It also helps kids learn life skills that benefit them early on.

Recent analyses of job postings highlight a growing demand for interpersonal skills, particularly in roles conducive to remote work.  There is value in conscious communication in a connected world.

Social skills are not innate; they are developed through practice and reflection. Acknowledging and addressing our biases, expanding our networks to include a variety of perspectives, and valuing the complex array of social competencies are steps towards fostering a healthier, more understanding community.

And if you want to see our inherent biases ask AI to create images for you and you will see how we have ingrained our biases into the artificial world. You will also understand why conscious humans are needed to pave the way forward to a healthy world.

Radical honesty plays a crucial role in addressing issues directly instead of ignoring them. Talking openly and recognizing that blaming helps no one reduces stress and prevents discomfort. Choosing to listen fosters understanding and cooperation, whereas defensive behavior turns relationships into mere transactions. We have a long road ahead to foster understanding and move from transactions to valued relationships.

Self-Awareness is Gaining Momentum

When we move beyond feeling offended or triggered, we transition to the core of connection, eliminating the need for defensiveness and overcoming division.

No algorithm can do our inner work to understand that it’s unhealthy to be around people who intentionally seek to bring us down. In healthy situations, we openly ask questions, listen and agree not to agree all the time. We acknowledge that understanding what is healthy for us is a personal trek, free from the pressures to conform or be universally liked.

In essence, being socially skilled transcends the superficial. It involves a comprehensive grasp of human connections and a dedication to self and community building. Embracing empathy, active listening, compassion, and two-way dialogue lays the foundation for flourishing communities where conflicts are resolved constructively rather than ignored. The real opportunity lies in our readiness to discard harmful habits for a healthier reality.

Curiosity stands in stark contrast to the compulsion to always be right or come out on top. After all, what victory do we claim if it comes at the cost of experiencing genuine human connection?


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