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A Reflection on Storms

Jul 17, 2022 | Daily Trek, F*ck the Bucket List

A Reflection on Storms - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Storms brings change. They encourage the development of the muscles of our mind and heart so we can negotiate and navigate through adversity.

Many of us love the thrill of the roller coaster. Nothing gets the blood pumping faster than surrendering to the danger and totally letting go. It may only be for a few seconds. When we hit a big drop, our emotions explode. We let loose yelling at the top of our lungs to really express how we feel.

On the other hand, we might hate every second of it. But the exhilaration we feel when we reach the end of the ride fills us up with the excitement of knowing we faced our fears and survived! Emotions are our best friend when we honor and acknowledge them. And this helps the storm pass through even quicker.

Our journey allows us to get closer to who we are and why we’re the way we are in our relationships with ourselves, the world, and each other. 

To become whole means to address our deepest wounds and traumas in the depths of our souls. It can’t be found externally in a guru, doctor, politician, shaman, celebrity, therapist, lover, supplement, medicine, or diet. 

It’s when we take a deep exploration within ourselves, and observe anything we may be suppressing and are not in touch with. 

Whatever inner work we need is calling us to address it, and to no longer avoid or ignore it. We’re in the eye of the storm.

When we’re at the beach, there is magic happening right in front of us. When the tide comes in, the sand creates beautiful patterns. This creation takes place as the sand surrenders to the wave and does not concern itself with whether the tide is high or low. It’s ready to accept the flow and shift, with grace, to adapt to the next pattern that emerges. There is a beautiful, immersive relationship taking place that is in flow and is whole.

Have you ever observed trees during a storm? Like sand, they ebb and flow with each gust of wind that comes their way. They do not fight the wind; they become one energy flow. Some branches may fall off, and some trees will not withstand the storm and come crashing down. There are relationships in nature to learn from that are fluid and show us what alignment is all about. 

Storms make us stronger and remind us how connected we are to natural cycles. It’s time to find our self-compassion and recover our treasures, or continue to fear our very essence. It’s our choice.

Facing ourselves connects us with the regenerative power of the universe. 

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