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What if Life is Our True Teacher?

Jan 30, 2022 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Teacher - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Our Teacher is Always Available

Let’s look at our bright, unexplored possibilities and opportunities on our own, without a teacher to help us acquire knowledge, competence or virtue. What would you say if someone asked you right now, is there an area of your life where you have been underestimating yourself?

New opportunities don’t just show up. It takes effort to become aware that we deserve them and are able to embrace them. And a the same time, we need to let go of old problems and compromises that keep us trapped and burdened. Is it time to have a talk with yourself and explore your options and choices?

So many people over the past few decades have sought teachers, life coaches or gurus. The number of life coaches exploded a few years ago as more and more people tried to make sense of everything. But this too is changing as we become aware that no one has our answers. There is a growing realization that the guru’s work is to convince us that we actually need a guru!.

What if Life Itself is Our Teacher?

What if we don’t really need an expert or guru to tell us how we need to be. Sure, it helps to have conversations and get guidance in certain situations. But not delegate our own responsibility and accountability to our inner work to a guru outside ourselves who instructs us on what’s right or wrong. Healthy guides can help us when we feel overwhelmed by life choices that may be putting a dent in our confidence. But what if we knew we are strong enough to navigate our own compass and ask for specific help?

Being human means that we have not always made healthy choices because that’s how we learn. Being lazy and complacent or making poor choices are judgments we inherited that don’t always serve us. We may need to rest, pause and recharge at times instead of being expected to be productive and efficient. Creativity, unabashed self-expression, and sheer playfulness are also always here for us to explore and play with.

This is a time to take a sobering look at everything that is causing us suffering, then slowly see the opportunities with humility and profound healing. It is a time of enhanced imagination, especially about our own potential future. We are being asked to envision without constraints. And when we are done dreaming, we ground ourselves by deeply examining what is actually possible as we may still have responsibilities and obligations.

We cannot snap our figures and manifest a new way of working just like that. It takes effort and dedication to making anything real. And life, as our teacher, on our purposeful trek, provides us abundant opportunities to learn and grow at our own pace.

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