The Compass

The compass is the trajectory of my life’s work; it’s woven throughout my books, services, treks, conversations and collaborations, as well as observations and predictions for the future of life and work.

Three of the most significant aspects of our time are based on wholeness and unity: conscious leadership, shared purpose and community. And it entails trust (people), relationships (perspectives) and impact (outcomes).

Exploring ideas together, imagining, co-creating and supporting each other are the seeds of new possibilities.

When we are each supported and heard, a solid foundation of trust opens the gateway to a higher level of collaboration and impact.

The Future is Human

My mission, as a Visionary Futurist, is to usher in the Human Era by providing guidance on building trust, truly collaborating and managing healthy communities.

My partners and I collaborate with leaders, organizations and individuals who ask, “what is possible?” What matters is that you are curious, courageous, and creative, and at the same time, grounded in reality—it matters that you are ready to unlearn and unlearn again.

Our work, together, is most valuable when you are on a trek of:

  • Questioning everything and ready to step into possibilities
  • Feeling ahead of your time; and sometimes alone, different or misunderstood
  • Knowing in your heart, that there is another way and are ready to unleash your true potential

The Shifts and Treks

Our customized, facilitated conversations and treks serve as a compass to navigate and unlock the path to 2027 and beyond.

As we enter a new regenerative phase focused on life, potential, long term sustainability and value creation, it is time to engage deeply in the process of bringing your dreams and ideas to life.

The next five years are foundational in rewiring ourselves for what is coming— a profoundly inspiring age of humanity.

The path to thriving in 2026 and beyond will present challenges and opportunities; this is a unique area where we can assist in introducing and implementing healthy systems and relationships. Do you feel called to co-create what comes next as we explore living systems, timeless technologies and ideas that are still on the cusp of breakout in a world that is rapidly emerging?

Here are a few observations that represent the vision I bring to the future of life and work:


Opportunities Unlock the Future

Almost every conscious leader starts with a need and an awareness of the opportunities being presented to us. Sometimes there is no deep strategy; simply being open to the possibilities as they meet us. Often, someone else’s challenge can be our greatest opportunity when we pay attention and become fully aware of our deep purpose!

Opportunities truly unlock the future, especially when we have a blank canvas of possibilities.


A Blank Canvas

It is not about re-imagining or re-inventing or re-considering. It’s about having a blank canvas and bringing along what works and letting go of what doesn’t by creating what we need right now, right here. The blank canvas is the new starting point. We have the opportunity to co-create what comes next.


The Veil of Reality is Lifting at An Increasing Pace

There are many 10-year predictions on the coming merging of humanity with technology and instructing us to get ready for this so-called Revolution where humans are attempting to replace themselves with their inventions and innovations. But we forget that we are in charge of our own humanity.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is nothing more than a human creation. It was developed and is being used globally every time we pick up our mobile device.

AI has huge capabilities to assist us when we are in charge and it depends on the focus it is used for. But it will be our choice whether we integrate AI or let it rule us. If we truly want to continue to evolve, we need to understand what true human intelligence looks like and feels like when witnessing it in another.

Teams and employees will no longer accept the status quo as they move to the edges of what’s possible by making conscious choices around what matters most. This new world that emerges in 2027 is ours to not only imagine but also create together.


The Future is Human

More and more people of all ages are starting to feel a need to have more meaning in life rather than traditional success. Careers have been mostly ingrained in us from an early age as our ultimate goal of leading a successful life. And the traditional “labor” market placed us in one job at a time. Twenty years ago it was frowned upon if we were in a job for less than three years. This is all changing.

The system is not geared toward the creator economy and people who do not choose the 9-5 life. Today, we are having conversations about remote work and hybrid work but we no longer know what work actually means. Conscious leaders will be ahead of this shift.

Organizations will need to adapt to people who have multiple interests that they want to apply and a lot will need to change when people are in the driver’s seat and are no longer seen as liabilities on a financial spreadsheet. Why? Because more and more people are choosing life over working for someone who views them as disposable.


Choosing to Break Cycles

Some predict diversity is the mantra of our times but today’s increased focus creates greater divides and separation.

The belief that if only x because it’s better does not actually change anything, it keeps us stuck in old stories, beliefs, and repetitive patterns that are woven through our lives at home and at work.

For one team or one person to win, the other must lose. That is how the current game is played. Everyone is a “warrior” today in their battles, their adversaries, their camps—spreading more fear, greater division, more anger, and more pain, making us all a little bit blind.

Our opportunity is to create healthy ways to have open and honest conversations to explore how we can help each other create balance. Allow for diversity of opinions, which will help us understand that we are more similar than different. Listening becomes a major asset in the coming years.

Imagine a world where we take our biggest problems and transform them into our greatest opportunities


This is the Time to Become Whole Within Oneself

This is true at an individual and organizational level. Wholeness, harmony and balance are all-natural systems that surround us. It is humans that divide, label and create stories and beliefs. We are each being called to address where we are divided and why. It is not an easy road as there will be many traps and seductions that test us along our path.

Our individual and collective stories of suffering and struggling shift when we make healthy choices and choose to no longer fight for our lives. More of us are becoming aware that we can actually thrive.

In business, the days of siloed departments and cross-functional interlock processes are numbered. As we dare to step out of the conflicts and angst, we will find ourselves gravitating towards people, places and things that encourage dialogue, connection and true collaboration that impacts well-being.

We are only starting to experiment as new ways of living and working are being created by us. We can give our trust to algorithms (likes, favorites and predictability) and people who have proven to be untrustworthy, or we can tap into our own intelligence and live like never before.

What is happening overall is that we are each starting to understand that we no longer need to be passive participants but it is up to us to hold companies, governments and ourselves accountable for the choices we make.

The future is here. It’s always a choice. Health is everything.

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