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The Hush Workcation

May 14, 2024 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

The Hush Workcation - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

The hush workcation is on the rise but keep it low key so the boss won’t find out. Blending work with leisure was initially known as bleisure but not it’s being hushed.

A survey of 2,000 employed Americans finds that 52 percent work remotely during vacations, and 29 percent have already done so secretly. About 39 percent work while traveling because they love their jobs. Others work during vacations to meet important deadlines or save paid time off. Some fear missing out or being let go.

Hush workcation, outlined in a study by Mews, appeals to 80 percent of Americans who would consider working remotely from a hotel. While 69 percent prefer hotel rooms, others choose pools, spas, or hotel bars.

Eight in ten Americans are  planning 11 trips in 2024. These include three vacations, three family trips, three work trips, and two “bleisure” trips. Hospitality workers expect a busy year, noting more tips, extended stays, and amenities usage.

Hotels equipped with advanced technology such as keyless entry, smart devices, and digital services attract today’s traveler. A significant number of people, about 80 percent, prefer to use digital methods for checking in and opt to stay at hotels that offer automated services.

Hotels, cruise ships, and lifestyles are evolving to focus more on experiences and amenities like co-working spaces and wellness activities. A new generation of nomads wants to experience the world and the increase in remote workers and freelancers no longer makes work a place.

The old myth of work-life balance creates a divide, as though we have a professional self and a personal self. That’s how we used to divide our wardrobe too.  However, more people now see that traditional structures might not support our wellbeing. There’s a growing trend toward understanding that there is only life; where work is part of it.

Many advocate for the flexibility to work when and where we feel most inspired. This shift acknowledges that everyone has unique needs and rhythms. But organizations still stuck in command control, we’ll experience the hush workcation, sneaking around, due to fear. And some companies are now restricting international access to block employees from hush workcations; claiming cybersecurity risks.

Integrated environments that cater to our needs are about experiences. Maybe this is not just a trend but a response to a deeper understanding of human nature. Everything changes when we choose to come alive; no hush required.

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