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The Illusion of Progress

Dec 4, 2023 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Illusion of Progress - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

The Illusion of Progress: Hidden Consequences of Our Modern World

Truly healthy people on the planet see potential and opportunity; breaking through the illusion of progress and knowledge.

Without curiosity and courage, there is only the same stuff. But when we’re in natural flow, we dream, we imagine and we create. We thrive in places with people who truly value the unknown, exploration and openness. We see something magical about blank canvasses waiting to come into full expression; much like us.

Our illusion of progress casts a shadow, influencing our lives in unhealthy ways. So many today retreat to follow the crowd. To fit in and avoid being crushed for being different. Programmed to trust authority and be silent. So, we have so many who have never been able to express ourselves and fear speaking out. Suppression becomes an unhealthy way of life where people are belittled in a world of bullies.

Imagine how many critical thinkers and innovative souls have been shut down. Is our world missing generations of creators, dreamers and magicians who have simply been told, it’s this way or the highway? Because we’ve been taught to be good, appropriate and be on the side of right.

But what if to break through to the field of opportunity, we imagine a healthy reality where we view these teachings not only as unhealthy but also irrelevant. What if we stop rearranging the deck chairs on the ship and instead ask who deserves to be on the deck with us?

Most of us have learned to resist change. But change is a natural occurrence. And it can only be stopped unnaturally for a while. When we unstuff ourselves from toxic beliefs and people, a whole new canvass appears.

How much of the modern world is something that we’d never create if we built our world anew now?

Breaking the Illusion of Progress

 What if we each have a blank canvass of opportunity? And an understanding of what we no longer need.

Critically thinking about business, would we create organizations the same way? Would we design borders around countries the same way and create the same divides? Would money have the same significance?  And would we value work more than life? How would we raise our children, would we make schools a place of choosing hard work over play? Would we detox in Nature or be in harmony with our environment counting our blessings?

What would we do to make sure our bodies are healthy and how would we take care of our wellbeing? What technologies would we create and integrate?  And what would we truly value? In this world, would we need to talk about being authentic and vulnerable or would we simply tap into our humanity no longer warring or fighting to be seen?

Why on earth would we want to save or fix a broken world where war and surviving are a daily reality? Can we begin to understand that it is no longer viable to create on a broken foundation, assumptions and structures of the past. Because this only creates more division, denial, and suffering. At the end of the day, what do we actually win beyond survival?

Maybe progress is over hyped. Could it be that we have everything we need and life is a lot simpler than what we’ve been taught. Maybe when enough of us step into our power as creators and flourish, certain structures, assumptions and beliefs no longer need to exist?

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