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The Need for Empathy in Leadership

Jul 10, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

The Need for Empathy in Leadership - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

There is a need for empathy in leadership where conscious leaders walk in the shoes of customers and employees.

Imagine a world where every top-tier executive dons the shoes of their customers and employees. What would it look like if each C-suite executive applied for a job at their own company incognito, just to get a taste of the recruitment process?

A recent event with United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby is worth noting. Thousands of passengers were left stranded due to cancellations. Instead of joining them, Kirby flew on a private jet.

His choice triggered a backlash. He apologized, admitting his insensitivity towards customers and staff.

What if Kirby had stepped into his customer’s shoes before making his decision? Could this have led to a different outcome?

If executives saw their company from a customer’s or employee’s view, they’d learn a lot. They’d understand their struggles and joys. They could use this knowledge to make healthier choices.

Actions speak louder than apologies. To show true empathy in leadership, executives must understand their business from the ground up. This not only encourages humility but also leads to more fair and compassionate businesses.

In a time where transparency is crucial, leaders must do more than apologize. They need to understand their customers’ and employees’ experiences. This way, they serve their mission and build enduring companies.

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