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Rage Applying

Mar 1, 2023 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Rage Applying - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

The Rage of Rage Applying

Rage Applying is all the rage when it comes to workplace trends. Feeling undervalued, overworked, and burned out in current jobs is the instigator of raging, for example, on TikTok.

This “new” trend has its roots in Rage Quitting. But instead of quitting, when someone proactively seeks new career opportunities while still in the current job, the rage is Rage Applying. Isn’t this funny that this happened all the time but never had a trendy name? But it was a more behind the scenes; a private act.

Apparently, Rage Applying means taking control of one’s career trajectory. Instead of reacting to a negative job situation, it is an opportunity to navigate healthier career options and take charge.

In sharing experiences of #RageApplying online, we get a front row to the unfolding of feelings of mistreatment, lack of recognition, and being denied promotions and raises. Despite the risks involved, many are reporting receiving multiple job offers within days or weeks.

It may be tempting to dismiss “Rage Applying” as an impulsive behavior. But can it be a reflection of what is broken in many organizations? Systemic economic challenges and being undervalued may be contributing to this new outlet of expression.

But what happens when we look deeper at why this is happening—the radical (root) cause of this phenomenon.

The Opportunity of Rage Applying

Maybe the underlying reason is feeling trapped and unsupported? Doing more with less, being overworked and undervalued may no longer be motivating many to conform to the growth and productivity goals of an organization.

Maybe we have a leadership crisis and it’s challenging to trust right now, according to a new survey of CEOs. Could it be that the house of cards is on shaky ground to begin with?

Perhaps increasing burnout and mental health issues are becoming a key consideration? What if more of us are coming to grips with when enough is enough?

Not everything is about compensation, although that is important with the recent skyrocketing cost of living. But what happens when health and wellbeing, meaningful work and a caring environment are considerations?

Is it possible that when we take away the hype and veil of “Rage Applying,” it is a question of opportunities rather than just an emotional response or a need for “revenge”?

No Rage Required

We have so many signs right now of system collapse around the globe. And instead of reacting with more of the same, we have an opportunity to author healthy systems that serve us without the noise and hype we are accustomed to.

What can we actually create by addressing systemic issues within the workplace and the job market that don’t need to go viral and be hyped?

What if ‘Rage Applying’ is  less of a problem that needs to be solved and a real life opportunity to create the future of life and work?

When we look under the covers, what we are increasingly experiencing is that we are no longer as concerned about upsetting the apple cart when it comes to our own wellbeing. We have learned that when we ignore our own choices and avoid conflict, we often harm ourselves. And more and more of us have had enough as we experiment with other ways of living and working.

When we become leaders of our lives, we make peace with our decisions without an unhealthy ego feeding us negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. Technology has created new gatekeepers when it comes to careers. And at the same time, opened new gates of opportunity. Having an open heart and a clear conscience are what we will be witnessing more and more.

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