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The Roller Coaster of Distraction, or Our Wellbeing?

Feb 15, 2024 | Daily Trek, HeartPickings

The Roller Coaster of Distraction, or Our Wellbeing? - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Why the Roller Coaster of Distraction Demands Our Attention

Do we take another ride on the roller coaster of distraction, or does our wellbeing demand our attention?

Many find ourselves on a tumultuous ride, fluctuating between extremes of highs and lows, rather than experiencing a natural flow. The pursuit of achievement often becomes a quest for fleeting satisfaction, leading us to constantly seek the next thrill. However, some opt for a path that values wellbeing over the fleeting excitement of constant ups and downs.

Headlines create fear these days like, “AI is taking our jobs,” or “toxic workplaces are undermining our health.” Yet, AI itself does not eliminate jobs; it is “leaders” making decisions or fostering harmful work environments. And when we buy into the fear with our attention or health, and sometimes even fight it, all we do is support a broken system that is harming our wellbeing.

What unfolds when we cease to assign blame? We face our habits of indulging in harmful or distracting behaviors and become aware of what captures our attention and distracts us. Perhaps the allure of the roller coaster, with its promise of endless excitement, is not a healthy way of living. By stepping back to question what truly benefits us, we gain clarity on what is important and find space to breathe.

We come to understand that notions of division and loneliness are manmade constructed narratives prescribing how things ought to be. Yet, by connecting with our innate creativity and imagination, we free ourselves from the cycle of blind consumption and trust. When we are whole, we opt for connection and creation; no longer addicted to the flavor of the month.

The Roller Coaster of Distraction, or Our Wellbeing?

What if we created our own prompts (questions)  and were curious to play with AI instead of being instructed on how to be successful users like everyone else? Imagine breaking free from conventions to forge unique adventures, recognizing each moment as an opportunity for creation.

In a culture dominated by fast food, the temporary highs from sugar consumption encourage a relentless pursuit of instant gratification.

The external validation from achievements and accolades is insatiable; there’s always a craving for more.

Similarly, a constant diet of breaking news feeds into narratives of division and despair, and even attempts to balance this with “good news” channels only highlight our mental disarray.

Why do supermarkets around the world dedicate entire sections to “junk” food? Endless commercials and advertisements relentlessly persuade us to consume unhealthy, low-quality products that barely qualify as food. The fuel we provide our bodies—spanning the physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental aspects—determines our health and wellbeing.

No Storm to Ride

Offering more access to community gardens and planting fruit trees in city centers changes the dependence on food labeled junk. Perhaps then we would recognize that the source of all nutrition is abundant in nature.

Awareness is a gift equally available to each of us. Yet, some choose distraction. And some dedicate ourselves to learning how to be our true, natural selves. Observing a child’s innate curiosity reminds us of the essence of exploration and play, without the need for screens.

Being labeled as weird pales in comparison to the fate of vanishing into a sea of conformity.

Embrace your curiosity. Question everything and listen to your heart. Maybe it leads to a burst of vitality and creativity, making you a beacon of possibility in a world full of opportunities. Far from succumbing to the rollercoaster of distraction, it’s within our power to rise above being overwhelmed!

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