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Getting to the Root of Everything

Sep 19, 2022 | Daily Trek, Inspiration

Getting to the Root of Everything- Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

When we can look at a challenge and examine the root cause, we take a step toward self-awareness and mastery. 

When we’re not able to express ourselves from the heart, we may feel misunderstood. But so many times, we mask how we are truly feeling and pretend that everything is alright; when it’s not. 

Is it time to take stock of the root cause of what is holding us back from fully expressing ourselves?

We have an opportunity to wake up to our own voice and personal power. It takes guts to see the deep programming that encompasses daily life and a willingness to participate with self-love and compassion. And to share what truly is in our heart.

It’s perfectly healthy to meet waves of defeat that come into our path. These emotions and thoughts arise for a reason, and it’s our job to understand the root cause. Much happens when we no longer suppress or resist them but understand their origins and why we don’t need to keep them around.

When we live in integrity, we’re fully connected within ourselves. Flowing with the courage to show up in our highest intention, individually and collectively. Imagine being someone who says what they do, and does what they say; truly being a conscious leader who walks their talk with integrity. This is the gateway at the heart of our world..

Perhaps all we need now is to return home to ourselves and invest in how we nourish ourselves and those we care about? It all depends on the mindset we bring along on our journey.

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