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Things Are Not Always as They Seem

Sep 2, 2022 | Daily Trek, Trusted Relationships

Things Are Not Always as They Seem - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Things Are Not Always as They Seem

Things are not  always as they seem and this is very true when we spend time with people. We learn a lot about each other and even more about ourselves. 

In a car, we are told when we use the side mirror that “objects are closer than they appear.” But in life, there are no warning labels. 

What happens in life is from the time we are born until we die, we are here to experience our own choices, at our own speed, depth and risk level. 

When we are young, we had not yet been indoctrinated into needing to grow up. We are steeped in mystery and abundant opportunities to play, experiment and explore. We experience a sense of freedom to be curious and tap into our imagination.

And as we grow up, we learn what is right and what is wrong. Someone recently shared that she was so busy living the life that she was supposed to that she didn’t realize it didn’t have to be the way she was told. 

Facing Bumps in the Road

To find our way, we sometimes take unexpected paths that allow us to become aware that we have choices. In fact, we often become lost in stories that are not ours. And we understand that we are here to write endings so we can begin our real work. 

And often, we actually need periods of solitude to deeply reflect and connect with ourselves, which is part of our own learning. Because it is different for each of us. 

Sometimes life does not turn out as planned, which is no surprise when it comes to plans and me. I keep learning life changing lessons, which I share with you here without calling them out so we can grow together. 

We get ample opportunities to learn that sometimes people are not who they say they are. And that all the talk in the world cannot replace real life experiences. It also is not black and white. Often, people don’t know who we are ourselves until the rubber hits the road. And we can surprise ourselves and each other in how we react to stressful situations. 

Opportunities Are Here to Help Us Shift

In the old world, we stay stuck in our problems and wounds, dragging our baggage everywhere we go. And for some, we may pack light but our emotional baggage of expectations and beliefs may weigh us down. But it’s a choice whether we want to release it or not.

In the world that is emerging, we no longer need a hero’s journey. In this world, we have the courage to let go, be present with opportunities and open ourselves to new paths. Trust becomes a currency that we value dearly. And when people show us who they are through their actions, we are gifted the opportunity to believe them.

My summer turned out to be healthier than planned or imagined. I wouldn’t change a thing. Some friendships became stronger and more meaningful. Loss allows for making space for healthy adventures and connections. Being able to walk every day for miles, experience the ocean,  tropical storms and authentic caring have been beyond words. 

This is the essence of life when we learn to flow and and focus on our health. This internal trust is a beautiful gift we each have. And when we don’t live in the manmade constructs of right or wrong or how we should be according to someone else’s rules, the beauty of life explodes with vibrancy and ease.

Courage to Color Outside the Lines

Maybe we can change some of our stories especially with painting a picture for children that growing up is glamorous. Maybe we gift them opportunities to develop an internal guidance that keeps them curious? And gives them courage to be who they are?   

When we let go of needing to be accepted, conform or be a character in someone’s drama, we begin to accept ourselves as we we are and we evolve. Like nature, there is flow and growth that sprouts from our hearts.  

When there are no sides in our world, there is no division. We live and let live. And we understand that some things break down or fall apart so we can walk our path and experience our lives at our own rhythm. 

And slowly, with beauty and grace, the people who accept us as we are, appear with a desire to color, walk, run, swim and skip together. Some are always here. And I can tell you first hand, it is amazing to be trekking into the unknown with the support and love we always imagined. Love always provides us with abundant opportunities to expand our perception of ourselves and the world around us.

When we are sincere in our practice, and walk our talk, life brings stuff up. And, we have to be with whatever arises. Otherwise, it’s the same story, different channel.

Life teaches us not to stay long in unhealthy situations and we can heal ourselves by being conscious and discerning. The best surprises are unplanned and wrapped with the mystery of the unknown.

Things really are not always what they seem. Life is unpredictable, unexpected, messy and abundantly beautiful. 

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