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Sep 27, 2020 | F*ck the Bucket List

Over the course of our lives, we go through different phases and experiences, which give us a perspective of where we currently are and the choices we can make. Some people choose to comply with what we are told is best for us, while more people are starting to question the very need to comply.

Why? Because many of us are questioning everything and not accepting a life of suffering and pain. Trustworthy “leaders” would not have brought us to this place in 2020 with all the progress and innovation they claimed to possess. There are more of us who know there’s a healthy path waiting for us and it looks very different than the current state of our world.

When you look around the natural world, you can see pure abundance. But in the man-made world, there’s deep division and scarcity mindsets that we ourselves created or inherited. Our water or food supply did not get polluted or toxic without us. We were born with gifts and yet so many believe we are not good enough. Who planted these false beliefs in our minds?

And we are no longer children that must obey and do what we’re told is best for us. If human history has shown us anything it’s that the authoritative people and institutions don’t really know or care about us. And we are recognizing more and more that it’s us who are responsible four our own fate, because we can no longer simply blame, shame or judge. It’s up to us to become the leaders we need and lead our own lives. No one cares about you as much as you do.

When the foundation of our house is infested with termites, rats and mold, do we continue to build a second or third story, or do we start over? Isn’t it time to take a healthy look at the opportunities and possibilities rather than spend our life solving problems or fighting for our lives?

When we choose to stop fighting within ourselves, can we connect with others to create what is needed most? So many wonderful things are already happening in the world but we rarely hear about them in the noisy, divided mainstream outlets we have created and trusted. I met a woman on a video chat this week who is unschooling her children and moving to Panama from South Africa to work with other parents on healthy education platforms.  A friend is disrupting the fashion industry, and her healthy company also protects our natural resources. There are so many stories of amazing people who are growing our own food in local communities, finding ways to make a difference in whatever small or big way. Each one of us has the opportunity and it seems to be happening with people who are less entrenched in the current way of life, or breaking free from how life should be.

While many of us have needed to find ways to survive throughout our life, our true nature is being revealed to us and it’s very different from what we were taught about life. There are many intuitive, empathetic souls on the planet who are healing right now and becoming self-aware of who we are at the core. Some like me, have come here with a mission to help whoever is ready activate yourself by taking you through a journey of hope with the F*ck the Bucker List book trilogy.

It’s become increasingly important for me to experiment and shed any false beliefs around how a book should be marketed. I keep being told that the book will find the people who are ready and yet, my old programming questions this notion. So I take time to understand and heal the parts of me that are still enslaved by fear and doubt. Instead, I am exploring with curiosity the possibility of helping millions of people live a healthy life and trust in a bit of marketing wrapped in divine intuitive guidance: Hoping my heartbeat connects with yours so we can build the bridges our world needs today for the sake of every living being on this beautiful planet.

The timing of releasing these books into the world feels like it was orchestrated  by some divine force of nature. There are people literally waiting for signs and guidance on how to discover our wonder (book 1), trek into the unknown (book 2) and trust our hearts (Book 3) . And say f*ck it, or whatever words work for you, when something in our lives no longer serves us and we’re ready to embrace our opportunities to create a meaningful and healthy life.

And like me seven years ago when I started this journey, there are people looking for resources to help us transition. Each of the three legs of the journey (books) take you through expeditions to see where you currently are, what themes are playing out and become increasingly aware of the path waiting for you. The journey allows you to look into your heart, tap into your imagination and get in touch with your courage and see what a powerhouse you truly are.

When you know, in your heart, why you’re here and how you want to live an authentic and vulnerable life, you will experiment and create the space for it and begin to move in that direction. You were born for this very time in history! I need you! We need you!

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