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To Thrive is to Flourish

Jul 26, 2022 | Daily Trek, Unleash

To Thrive is to Flourish - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

For Us to Thrive

For us to thrive now and in the future, we tap into our imagination. Imagination and creativity are at the root of every human feat.

Our consumption of natural resources is straining Nature’s capacity to sustain us. And it is up to us to imagine what it is we really need.

Earlier this week, I was speaking to Katherine who lost her job in the hospitality sector during the pandemic. She took a part-time job at a hardware store. And is also taking classes in plumbing, electric repair and other technical areas. Her dream is to be a park ranger and travel across the US.

The lifestyle she had is gone. Now, she is imagining possibilities and working to make them real. She wants to live in Nature and find ways to live a sustainable life. By questioning everything, she knows that this next chapter in life is imagining and creating ways to thrive.

At the Foundation

We are being asked right now—each in our own way—to creatively imagine a sustainable path of the lives we hope to lead.

Our current education system is failing the next generations and is slowly getting a massive overhaul. In the world we imagine, education is not about conformity, competition and standardization.

We have pioneers like Michael Strong, who now runs The Socratic Experience, a virtual secondary school nurturing the purpose and genius of every child. They specialize in creative, intellectual, and entrepreneurial students who find regular school unsatisfying.

Michael’s program is distinguished by highly engaging interpersonal experiences, including daily Socratic dialogues. Based on his 35 years’ of experience, he is developing a cognitively-rich approach, coaching, and highly personalized programs that help kids thrive.

New world education system encourage creativity and imagination by allowing for dialogue, collaboration and curiosity among children. Rather than focusing on academic proficiency, learning is about celebrating openness and passions.

By sharing the importance of questions and inquiry, we have an opportunity to create bold children who understand that they don’t have to follow recipes and manuals to be successful. Tapping into hearts and minds opens up a whole universe.

To Flourish and Thrive

Sir Ken Robinson reminds us that “​​What you do for yourself dies with you when you leave this world, what you do for others lives on forever.” And “no matter who you are, you are the system — if you change your behavior, you have changed the system, and when enough people commit to changing the system, we have a revolution.”

In 2016, he contributed his vision of the future, which is a way to thrive. “The lesson we most need to learn is that there is more to life on Earth than human beings, and more to being human than self-interest. Our futures all depend on learning this lesson by heart.”

When we focus on ways to thrive, we become aware that we have the resources we need to create what we imagine. And the way forward is to connect to the natural world and learn from its beauty and expansiveness.

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