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What are Timeless Technologies?

Jan 16, 2022 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Timeless Technologies - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Why Timeless Technologies and Wisdom Unlock the Future

Timeless technologies and wisdom are always present when we pause and look out the window. But in a noisy world focused on digital transformation, social media (which is still stuck in advertising and broadcasting models), the seduction of the Metaverse, transhumanism, and the latest and greatest technologies, it is easy to get lost. And by the way, ironically as I type, both words—Metaverse and transhumanism—show up as a spelling error here. 

It’s funny that when everything started to go online in the late 1990s, it was as though we forgot where we came from. Companies later set up separate teams and strategies, for example, for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and created social media strategies. And this is where we got a bit hypnotized by innovation for three reasons.

First, we focused on the tools and structures instead of our communication and our core relationships. Second, there was a response to fear and terror that someone else can openly comment on our brand without our permission in a new world where people trusted strangers with where we ate, slept and shopped.

And third, we simply forgot that we are still in charge and that trust and relationships are at the heart of business. Just because it’s called an online community did not mean that throughout history each of us was part of more than one community in our day-to-day life. And yet, we treated an online community as a shiny, unknown place where we forgot how to practice our humanity in exchange for inflated likes and meaningless influence that just got us to consume more and more.

And have a generation of young people want to be the next wealthy Internet stars living the good life. Our celebrity culture continued to expand; now, in this realm. We continued to ignore timeless wisdom and technologies as they patiently waited for us to tap into their magic.

How Do We Get Back to the Heart of Business?

Companies never had a separate strategy for television, radio and newspapers; instead, there were and still are vast advertising dollars to convince consumers and buyers of what we must have for a happy life. So, why create social media strategies when social media is actually not very social? We have yet to develop true social networks that are based on what we care about or are creating in the world. But we will have them start emerging over the next five years and they will be based on timeless technologies that navigate our internal compasses and the flourishing of life.

When you are open to life, you learn more all the time. Your knowledge is constantly being updated through your experiences. Imagination helps you expand your body of knowledge and tap into your creativity.

If you stop right now and look around your physical space at every object that surrounds you, notice that each one—whether a hat or a mug or a book or any material item—came out of someone’s imagination. Each is a combination of an idea and a vision, mixed with a desire to create something in our world.

The glass you use to drink your water or the cup you use to drink your favorite tea or coffee uses a technology that was created by a human being, just like a smartphone, virtual reality, or the latest cool gadget.

Innovation is all around us and isn’t just what lifts the stock market and makes shareholders financially rich. We have heart-filled people on the planet imagining the next wave of education, health, agriculture, food security, fashion, community, mental health, and so much more.

And to do create, we tap into timeless technologies that are already here and available to each of us, some of which include:

  • Trust
  • Awareness
  • Well-being
  • Listening
  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Kindness
  • Dialogue
  • Connection
  • Relationships
  • Community
  • Love
  • And the list goes on

Everything is Already Here, Especially Timeless Technologies

Somehow, we have been seduced by digital technologies, which created fear in how we work, how we live and how we connect with each other. Society teaches us to never appear ignorant or foolish. Ah, yes, that is the veil of reality. Knowledge, when you think about it, consists of information and misinformation. It is both, and it is increasing at a faster rate than ever before with instant news and social media platforms—which are more advertising platforms than truly social ones, as someone regulates what you are allowed to know.

Visibility and access to knowledge and materials is far more prevalent now than ten or fifteen years ago and keep increasing in a world that values the quantity of content but not always its quality. It is almost impossible for anyone to “keep up” in today’s world. And why do we need to keep up with the ever-increasing external noise, social media that causes mental health issues among our youth and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that want to hook us into someone else’s agenda?

When we go back to the source — natural timeless technologies and wisdom—we can breathe again and find answers within us. We have yet to have true social networks that promote a flow of dialogue, trusted relationships and community. But they are coming as these timeless technologies are at the heart of everything in a human world where we promote the flourishing of life

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