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Dreaming and Creating The Future Together

Mar 30, 2022 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Together - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Together, We Dream and Create

When building sustainable organizations together, we don’t just sell a product or service, we invite people to join us because we’re in it together: the customers, the employees, the partners and communities. What this means is that each and every person believes in the mission and values—which guides in everything that is done.

Purpose-driven companies are the future especially when it comes to sustainable human practices. There is a need to lead by example and for incredible communicators to unleash healthy leadership capabilities. When a strong ecosystem of purpose-driven, intelligent and heart-centered people come together, an effective organization focused on growth-by-impact can emerge.

Many people know what needs to be done in the business world today to create the environment so many of us want to experience and yet, it is far easier to do what has always been done than be courageous.

Navigating Between Worlds

As we walk between two worlds on our own and together: the one we know and the one we are creating, it is time to have the tenacity to do things differently. What is key right now is to start and take the steps needed to lay a solid foundation; just like when building any new structure.

Assembling a passionate team is not easy as the old ways of “finding the right talent” no longer apply in the world that is emerging. Surrounding ourselves with souls who care deeply about the mission takes energy and a different way of connecting.

And it takes time because while some people may say the “right” words, the actions may disappoint us. But as we learn and grow, the collective will grow as there is a hunger for meaning, authenticity and true leadership.

Together, We Create Possibilities

What is it that many now want when it comes to what we collectively call work?

#1 – Meaning and it’s different for each of us. But the bottom line is making a difference and an impact. It’s not about long hours ticking off activity-based lists, which are killing our spirits slowly and methodically. Burnout and mental health issues cloud many people today. The quickest route to depression is to not be who you are, to not express your feelings, or to keep yourself hidden. Many are now wanting a way out; a way for self-expression.The desire and dream is to love ourselves so much that our work sparks us.

#2 – Imagine, collaborate, co-create and work with purpose-driven peers and people who bring the collective mission to life. Many want to work with people who see business as a force for positive change in the world. There is a craving for actionable glue that drives us together to create meaningful products and services that truly matter.

#3 – An inspiring wave of conscious and courageous leaders stepping into the unknown, asking questions, listening and experimenting with new ways of working that entail open communication and deep dialogue in community.

Building A Sustainable Foundation

Trust and relationships become foundational, as there is no one to communicate to and everyone to communicate with. There is no need to focus on email exchanges, all-hand meetings or surveys when information and communication is flowing. Timeless technologies like conversations are making a comeback after many decades of hibernation.

Imagine living in a conscious worldwhere we never waste our gifts and talentsbecause we wake up every morning curious about how the day will unfold. An increasing number of us dream of operating for the long-term benefit of society as we know it enriches our own lives and communities. This is why we will see people of all ages make healthier choices. It’s already happening outside the noise.

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