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Beyond Labels: Uniting Across Generations

Aug 2, 2023 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Beyond Labels: Uniting Across Generations - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Beyond Labels

Ever heard these labels? Gen Z is lazy, millennials are cringey, boomers are workaholics and Gen X? Simply forgotten. We seem to know these stereotypes, even if we mix up the age brackets they refer to. Recent research tell us that the differences explain trends like color preferences, spicier food choices, and what adulthood really means. But are these generational divides that real? Let’s take a step back and think about our current approach to segmentation.

Segmentation, a term first coined in the 1650s, literally meant “a cutting into small pieces.” Nowadays, it’s more about dividing people into groups based on consumer behavior. As a past pollster, I saw segmentation everywhere. It gave us a bird’s eye view of society, dividing people into regional, age, demographic boxes. Great for capturing audiences, sure, but maybe a little too focused on what separates us.

Remember the first time you heard a generational expert speak? The new lens to see the workplace? Exciting, but in hindsight, did it make us focus too much on the gaps and not the bridges?

Look around. Six generations work together today. Yet we obsess over differences, overlooking our shared purpose. The labels, they’re boxing us in. We’re treated as clones, but the truth? We’re far from it. Our world is diverse, dynamic. Aging populations aren’t retiring like before, birth rates are down. This reality is making us question and, hopefully, take action.

From Labels to Uniting Across Generations

What if our world was a house on a shaky foundation? Would you patch it, rebuild, or knock it down? If our world is that house, what do we do? One thing’s sure, a simple patch job won’t cut it. Neither will re-imagining as it simply keeps us trapped in the same story that repeats itself.

Maybe it’s time to think and imagine bigger. To question the “experts.” Maybe it’s time for action over theory. Perhaps we need to see work as part of life, not something balanced against it. Imagine a healthy world. A world where someone pushing divisions is aiming to influence, not connect and create.

Picture a new structure, rising from a foundation that uplifts, not divides. Some might call the old structure an outdated program where few held most resources. But things are shifting.

We’re starting to look within for answers instead of seeking them from others. This marks a key transformation, hinting at a future where resources are more evenly shared and divisions healed. It starts with us, choosing unity over division—within ourselves first. Together, we shape a balanced future by simply imagining and creating.

Imagines more playgrounds to experiment; less battlegrounds dividing us with fear.

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