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Transforming Time

May 13, 2023 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Transforming Time - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Transforming Time

Transforming time allows us to consider a different pace of  life as we develop a fresh perspective on our relationship with time. In bustling societies where productivity reigns, the slower rhythms of rural life often go unnoticed.

Life exists on the outskirts of a rural village, cocooned in the heart of nature. Here, time takes on a different meaning. Time here is not dictated by a ticking clock or a turning calendar.

Instead, it flows with the rhythm of nature and community needs. As village life evolved from a rural to a semi-rural landscape, so did this relationship with time. It adjusts with the sweeping winds of urbanization. No hard-and-fast rules apply, but certain observations stand out.

In these rural communities, survival and contentment don’t equate to wealth or productivity. In the face of hardships, joy arises from leisure, devotion, and social ties. Leisure, a concept now sold as self-reflection time, is part of the culture. To anyone driven by tasks and goals, it may seem they’re wasting time. Yet, their way of life, regardless of time, evokes wonder.

Lesson from Rural Landscapes on Transforming Time

In these communities, time is fluid, never counted in mere minutes. Their language is rich with broad, generous words for time. But as modern, time-saving technologies enter the scene, time becomes scarce, not abundant.

In traditional economies, time was ample, only limited by seasonal changes. Work existed. But life moved at a human pace, allowing patience to flourish. Modern economies, however, are transforming time into a commodity divided into fragments. As ‘time-saving’ technologies make their way in to rural communities, life seems to speed up, not slow down.

This paradox is clear when people seem to have less time for each other and themselves. Despite having time-saving items like store-bought clothes, electricity, gas stoves, there is less time for conversation and connection.

These changing landscapes teach a powerful lesson. While modern tools may claim to save time, they often strip it away instead. The promised convenience of new ways of life can ironically make us feel more rushed than ever.

Transforming time to a leisurely pace, where relationships and satisfaction from life, holds more weight than chasing minutes and hours is ours to discover.

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