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Gratitude on the Trek

Jan 23, 2023 | Daily Trek, Tales from the Trek

Tales from My Trek - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Every Trek is Unique

What I am learning, on my trek, is that when we no longer expect the future to be like the past, we step into the unknown with curiosity and openness. We play with a wild new world where we question what we believe is impossible. We may also find ourselves laughing a lot more, and sometimes crying. Nothing is certain.

Many in the New Age movement brand this trek awakening. Carl Jung, and now every awakening guru, talks about milestones like the Dark Night of the Soul. But quite frankly, no one can guide us through becoming fully alive. Why? Because our life is our gift to fully experience. 

Coming fully alive is our own crash course into what is real for us; and what is true. The question is, can we let go of false attachments, comfort, predictability, rules and expectations? Can we give ourselves permission to become safe and comfortable with the not knowing?

My answer, and I can only speak for myself, is yes, it is so possible. And life provides a great deal of opportunity to practice. 

Tales from My Trek

The last seven years have been an incredible crash course for me. Whatever was expected blew up into thousand of pieces that could not be picked up and assembled. And it became apparent that it was an opportunity to trek into an unknown world; and that it was ok to let go of limiting people, situations and beliefs. 

There were so many experiences that showed me that mastering new ways of living was possible; should I choose to explore. And I am so grateful for the opportunity to unlearn, shift and practice. It helped me become discerning when it comes to identifying traps, seductions and reality.  

I learned that not everyone continues on our trek with us. Making space allows us opportunities to create peace within.  

It is hard to break up relationships because we were taught that we need to suck it up and be the good person. But when we no longer live in the constructs of good and bad, we become aware of who is truly healthy for us. Someone can yell at us and tell us what we can’t do but why can’t we find out what we’re truly capable of when we step into our power?

I still can’t believe some of the stuff but it was real and everyone played a role. There were no villains or victims. It was simply a choice whether I chose to continue to play a role in someone’s story and stay trapped in the past, or have the courage to be true to myself. 

Living Fully in Deep Gratitude for the Lessons

I realized staying in stories where the assumption of healing and being “new and improved” was bullshit. People who called themselves healers and experts desperately wanted to believe in the hope that it was true for them. They also wanted everyone to abide by their way of life. But finding peace in being real and addressing our wounds is where the true healing happens. 

When we become aware that people can deplete our energy, and that we have choices, we get the real crash course where we guide ourselves. There is no workshop, course or retreat to save us. And because this is new, most of us don’t always feel comfortable as we are so used to taking sides. But without blame or judgement, it becomes a personal choice for our own health and sanity.

When we find ourselves in the same old story of suffering, there is another way. And it is ours, not anyone else’s to experience. 

With eight billion people on the planet, we have choices. Despite the fear generated by breaking headlines news and some harsh external realities, our heart is here to guide us away from fear, worry and anxiety. We can also choose to be grateful for all we get to experience; from heartache to love. In every crisis, there is opportunity.  

For me, it is now a question of choosing the unknown over the known. And in a world where people love to relive the past, I am curious and ready to explore the edges right now, right here.

To be continued …

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