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Trust Based Leadership

May 22, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Trust Based Leadership - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Trust-Based Leadership

Is it time to step up and usher in a new era of trust based leadership?

Here’s a hidden issue with deep impact: our leadership crisis. Even with abundant resources—books, workshops, and more—the crisis is still here. Why? We’ve forgotten one thing: real leadership starts from inside. And is based on the level of trust and faith we have in ourselves.

Take, for example, a business owner named Maria. She had access to a plethora of leadership materials but still found her company struggling. The turning point came when she understood that true leadership was not about outsourcing decisions or actions but about embracing her innate abilities and walking her talk. Maria had to dig deep, listen to her intuition, trust her judgment, and live her vision. And communication meant listening and taking action.

Old leadership ways are crumbling. Now, we need courage and curiosity. Despite the bleak breaking news we see on our screens, it’s an exciting time. Our attitude each day makes the difference. We have an opportunity to listen to our hearts, recognize our own leadership potential, and step up to the plate when it comes to trust based leadership. The question is, do we have faith in ourselves?

Trust-based leadership starts with self-trust. We believe in our abilities. We know we can make sound decisions and create opportunities. And also act with transparency and honesty. We communicate decisions, and actions clearly and openly. This type of leadership creates ripples of trust.

Building Trust Based Leadership Within

To activate, we restore trust in ourselves and each other. Why? Because until we heal ourselves and become aware that we are the leaders we need, not much will change. We will continue to flame the same fire.

Now’s the time to move from blame to curiosity. It’s our chance to step back and usher in a healthy era. We have abundant opportunities to get out of our own way. And it’s not for everyone. It takes one percent of us to spark a foundational transformation and it only takes place with effort. We can’t snap our fingers and declare success.

We are not here to succeed, we are here to have fulfillment in creation—no matter how big or small. Because only we get to assess our own satisfaction in a new world without best practices, followers or corrupt leaders.

We’re at a crucial moment in history. We’ve pushed too far in terms of health and the environment. We need leaders who are trustworthy and ready to act with humility and compassion.

Can we build trust and work together? As leaders of our own lives, we embrace healthy behaviors that make creation possible. I’m not writing about something I am not unlearning and learning myself. Please join in healing our wounds. Let’s create trust and harmony within. And be the leaders our world needs by trekking into the unknown and experimenting with possibilities. This is where true courage lies.

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