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Trusting A Hunch

Sep 10, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Trusting A Hunch - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Trusting A Hunch

Ever had a hunch that turned out to be spot on? Maybe even against the odds. That hunch guides us when the road ahead is foggy, helping us navigate.

Take Sarah, a local bakery owner. She reviewed all the numbers. Data says gluten-free products are on the rise. But her conversations with her community confirmed her hunch that her organic cupcakes would be loved. She trusted herself, and bingo—the cupcakes were a hit! Sarah listened to her heart.

Data is important, no doubt. It lays down the foundation and gives us insights. Yet, numbers alone can’t feel the pulse of people. Numbers can’t sense the subtle shifts in our needs. That’s where the heart comes in.

People who trust themselves often look beyond data and ask questions. They tap into their imagination to offer products and services people didn’t even know they needed; yet.

Risky? Maybe. But stepping into the unknown has sparked many great inventions. Our heart and data aren’t at odds; they go hand in hand. They give us a fuller picture.

Harmony of Heart Hunch and Data

So, how do we tap into this hunch? First, listening is key. Intuition comes from self-awareness and experimentation. The more we know about our values, what’s working and what’s not, the more we can see opportunities. Often, people say ‘trust the process’ but when it is solely mechanistic, it has no heart.

Consider Mark, a startup founder. He was at a crossroads. His team wanted a new feature that data supported, but something felt off. Mark took a step back, questioned and listened. He realized the new feature didn’t fit the company’s core mission. He worked with his team to make the healthiest choices for the company. Later, it was not only clear that the feature was not needed, but he also paved the way for his team to question and arrive at decisions that made a real difference.

Navigating the unknown needs more than just data. It also requires faith in our own abilities. Trusting our heart. Listening. Creating.

In the end, we’re here to embrace the full range of our human abilities. That sets us apart from mechanistic structures and on a path to a promising healthy future.

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