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Unlearning Beliefs Means Letting Go

Dec 23, 2021 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Unlearning Beliefs - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Why Unlearning Beliefs Means Letting Go

These past few years I have been unlearning beliefs that were holding me back. I am currently loving my time in Spain. It has been beyond what I imagined and incredibly grounding being with real caring people, the beautiful sea and far away from the fear in big urban cities. This small town I am in is shut down for the winter and yet, it is more alive than many places I have experienced.

Due to borders and policies, I need to leave in less than five weeks and I have no idea where I’m headed, even during a global pandemic. And it’s ok, as I am living my books by discovering my wonder (book 1), and trusting my heart (book 3) to trek into the unknown (book 2).

You see, it’s difficult to plan when the outer world is chaotic but I have every faith that it will work out and I will learn a lot. Why? Because there is a lot of unlearning that takes place on this radical trek:

#1 – The News is Not Our Friend

So many people advised me not to go to Spain as it would not be safe for a foreigner. I was told to stay close to “home” but as a digital nomad, I no longer have a home base. It gets very confusing for many people to understand that we are not all following the same manual of life. And it’s scary that someone is choosing a different path. But that’s not my limiting belief so I don’t attach to the fear. I let my curiosity guide me to question everything and explore the edges of possibilities.

When I realized that it was time to turn off the external news and listen to my heart, I let go of getting caught in the trap of other people’s fear and discomfort with safety. Fear simply drains our life force and inner power. I no longer wanted to get caught in complaining, blaming, mechanical responses or victim consciousness. Stepping into my power meant making conscious choices and understanding no one knows what is best for me. And the only way, for me, is to experience life; not just talk or write about it.

By joining digital nomad communities online, I ask questions and also hear from real people in different locations about their experiences. And there are so many online tools providing real time information as everything changes in a flash. Being present has a whole new meaning as so much is possible when we rely on ourselves.

#2 – There is No Destination in Life; Just Life

It is easy to be addicted to busyness and numb ourselves with distractions from surfing the web, working all the time, video games, pop culture, binging shows and movies, shopping, food, gossip and the list goes on. It is the belief that happiness can be found in these activities and that more and more is better that we are being asked to unlearn.

When we realize that there is no destination in life, which means that we are here to experience all of life, our relationship with happiness shifts. We understand that it cannot come from outside ourselves.

More and more of us are choosing a simple way of life with less material things and more experiences. We don’t want to get distracted or hooked into someone else’s schemes or stories. We are burned out from going too fast and doing unnatural things at our own expense.

We are starting to remember that we are part of Nature and are constructing a healthy relationship with our bodies. When we turn off the external noise and take a walk in nature, for example, we discover another world. One in which change is a natural flow and there’s free air and resources to support us.

When we meet a strong person, who is grounded in who they are and is not playing the fake game our society dictates, we feel their energy coming from within them. Whether they are rich or poor, do not doubt that there is a deeper story inside. If you ask them what darkness they faced and conquered, they will likely share a deep story that is hidden from most people. Mountains do not emerge without earthquakes.

#3 – We Can Break the Cycles and Patterns of History

Conformity and uniformity restrict and defeat us every day. The never-ending cycles of our history are here to teach us to let go. There is an easier way, which has been hidden in plain sight.

There is the path of least resistance showing up inviting us to explore our truth. The areas where we feel most free are calling us to be wildly irresponsible in the current form. They are inviting us to face our irrational fears. limiting beliefs and decaying safety nets so we can let go of the deep worry and fear that have been conditioned into us from the time we were born into this world.

Worry about not choosing to explore the path of the unknown. There comes a time when we become aware of what is in our hearts as we excavate and unlearn centuries of deep programming. And it is through our discomfort that healthy foundations are built. We cannot continue to bring along all that no longer serves us. Being able to establish healthy boundaries –and cultivating discernment with regards to what and who we surround ourselves with–is a key element of unlocking our truth.

What Beliefs Are You Unlearning?

At the center of creation is flow and harmony. When you open yourself to all of life—the darkness and the light—you can face the big waves that crash on you when you are in their way. The next set of waves will continue to come, and how you anticipate and react to them is in your hands.

But when you choose to face your darkness as well, you will push yourself outside of your comfort zone and look at the beliefs that may be keeping you from living in healthier levels of awareness. You will initially walk the tightrope of the broken system, but do not lose hope that the healthier one is waiting for you to emerge. It will be uncomfortable at first, but who said that we must have comfortable, safe lives?

Everything in life can be a fantastic adventure—or not. It’s a conscious choice about what energy you tap into. And many are around each of us. We can stay at home and simply make conscious choices for ourselves and our loved ones. We don’t need to trek around the world to have an adventure. Can you free yourself from being a consumer or follower and become a curious adventurer or whatever sparks your soul?

When you are headed into the future, which is unknown, it’s all still a mystery. The unknown by itself has so many elements to experience, from fear to anticipation to hope to joy. You can always imagine and dream. But you can never really know what will happen when you take yourself out of the conventional manual to pursue your own path.

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