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Unlearning is Key to Trusting the Currents in Life

Dec 12, 2021 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Unlearning - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Is there Unlearning on the Horizon?

Sometimes you have to trust the currents in life, even when they lead you in unexpected directions. Take a journey into yourself by better understanding your own conditioning and where your own freedom lies. Author Lynnda Pollio shares in her multi-award book, Trusting the Currents:

“Sometimes the only hope that exists is the one we create for ourselves.”

As someone whose first memory in life is war and missing terrorist attacks by a matter of minutes, I was programmed on the frequency of fearing for my life. I dreamt of peace, and yet there was no peace when the actual fear terrorized me over and over with the vibration of survival and protecting myself from the bad people who wanted to annihilate me because I was seen as their enemy.

When I started questioning everything and working toward peace from an early age, I realized we still have work to do within ourselves to heal. And despite the experts telling us how innovative and progressive our world is in the twenty-first century, the reality is far from it. Hate is still hate, whether it’s towards another or self-loathing.

And despite all the fundraising to eradicate any type of injustice and intolerance for the last few hundred years, we have failed to address the root cause. The Persian poet Rumi reminds us that “Maybe you are searching among the branches for what appears in the roots.”

More and more resources thrown at a problem simply fuel the problem even more. We’ve been taught to distract ourselves, and our opportunity is to remember how to set boundaries, question, connect, and spark deep dialogue with ourselves and each other.

Learning to walk away from toxicity that causes stress in the body and gut is key as we un-condition and learn to walk toward a healthy life filled with possibilities with hearts wide open. And believe me, life provides us with many opportunities to practice how we respond to toxic people and situations.

Where Does Our Power Lie?

We were born to live in internal harmony in a healthy body, not being driven to save or fix anyone but ourselves. Change does not happen overnight and requires each of us to be grounded, focused, and see the opportunities around us.

The storms will continue to come, but when you can go inside yourself and heal what needs to be healed emotionally and physically, you will be able to be of service, and that’s how the tide shifts. That is when the dialogue takes place around what’s possible; not creating more sides, more divides where we fight for our life.

There are no simple answers, as it’s time to really sit with the questions, our imagination, and create the dialogue and healthy structures that can emerge. The experts may spew stuff about collaboration, but we have not touched the surface of what’s possible until we engage in real dialogue that fuels creation as our own experts.

The rest is just more noise feeding a very conditioned, hungry machine that vies for our attention and consumption.

Unlearning and Creating Healthy Beginnings

We experience many beginnings and endings, and in our lifetime we can die over and over. We can learn to let go, transform, and experience rebirth. We can grieve the deaths of our old selves and the deep loss we may experience, but we can also learn to regenerate, rise above, and find our rhythm and vibration to lift ourselves up without fighting for our life.

It may go against everything you were conditioned to believe but ultimately you are a powerful being. You no longer have to be a victim or a superhero; you can just be.

You can overcome your conditioning and harness your creative power to align with your highest purpose and potential, to create the world you deserve to live in, one step at a time.

For me, some days are really tough but the excitement of knowing that we can spark each other keeps me going and keeps the voice whispering to me, never give up. I am dedicating my life to my higher purpose as I continue to un-condition, let go, learn, grow, and create like never before. It definitely is not easy but it is possible to start trusting the currents.


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