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Values and Freedom

Dec 12, 2022 | Daily Trek, Unleash

Values and Freedom - Ayelet Baron - Radical Trekking

While some people believe that it’s the younger generation that is espousing different values, the truth is that it’s no longer about age. Maybe it’s time for us to stop dividing the generations and look at what we share instead of what separates us? What if we are more the same when we step into our power, at any age?

For many of us, regardless of age, big shifts are happening. Owning a house and a car are status symbols of the past. Stuffing ourselves with material items is becoming less important than fully experiencing life. 

The ultimate desire is for flexibility and not being tied down to material possessions. Sure, we need a place to live and a way to get around. But what if by defining what freedom means to each of us, everything changes? 

That may sound drastic to some. But there are an increasing number of people who want freedom from old established lifestyles. Location freedom may be a priority for some, while time flexibility is key to others. Making sure we are not harming nature is also a priority as we become increasingly conscious of the source of everything.

Financial freedom doesn’t mean hoarding money but having flexibility to live a lifestyle we choose by doing meaningful work that matters. And fully knowing our enough and taking only what we need.

Each one of us defines value differently. And it’s time to understand what we value and why we value a certain way of being. Becoming aware of what matters happens when we let go of old patterns. 

When we have true value exchanges between people, we build trust. And when we discover our freedom, we begin to create what we have yet to imagine. That’s where the magic is.  

Instead of having high value products and services, what if we valued experiences? Peace and tranquility cannot be bought.

There is no time like right now to be clear about what we value when it comes to our freedom. 

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