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Vyld’s Sparks a New Era in Women’s Health and Ocean Regeneration

Jan 29, 2024 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Vyld's Sparks a New Era in Women's Health and Ocean Regeneration - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Vyld New Business Model for A Healthy World

Vyld is a profit-for-purpose company with a healthier path to ownership and financing. Why? Because creating products that tread lightly on the earth takes more than materials and pitches; it requires healthy practices. Pursuing rapid growth and exit strategies goes against the vision and values of this new company.

Steward ownership anchors in two fundamental principles: self-governance and purpose over profit. Self-governance ensures that voting rights stay with the active team, not external investors. Under the profits serve purpose principle, profits invest into the mission. A charitable foundation holds a veto to safeguard these principles from any bylaw changes.

In the heart of the business is recognizing the untapped potential in seaweed as an ally. Groundbreaking products emerge. Kelpon, the world’s first seaweed tampon and Dyper, a compostable diaper with an algae essence. These products are bold creations, against the norm, defining how we view and use everyday essentials. It’s about not bringing toxic chemicals to our earthly bodies with holistic products we need.

Emerging from Berlin, Vyld ignites a new era of possibilities. It’s paving the way for a future where the ocean breathes easier. This financial leap, backed by a synergy of government, EU support, and visionary investors, marks a turning point in eco-innovations for women’s health.

The Future Profit Partnership Agreement (FPPA) was key in securing the funding. It’s more than a financial instrument; it’s a manifesto for business with a conscience, ensuring Vyld’s autonomy and its commitment to investing in the planet. This approach challenges the status quo, advocating for a world where quality, creativity, and environmental integrity eclipse traditional profit-driven growth.

In many startups, investors wield power through the funding, often eclipsing the founders and core team, who face the risk of being outvoted or replaced. Vyld does not consider this an option.

Vyld Sparks a New Era in Women’s Health and Ocean Regeneration

Vyld’s ethos resonates with investors who seek to seed a future where regeneration trumps mere growth. It stands as proof that impactful, earth-friendly innovations flourish without succumbing to the frenzy of unchecked expansion. It is not pursuing traditional startup funding that aims for rapid, unsustainable growth and prioritizes shareholder value.

With this investment, Vyld is set to propel its innovative products further. Following Kelpon’s trial, Dyper is now stepping into real-world testing, part of an audacious ‘diaper forest’ project. These diapers aren’t just waste; they’re potential soil enrichers, pioneering a cycle of life from cradle to cradle.

But Vyld’s vision doesn’t stop at products. It extends its hand, sharing its financing model, inspiring anyone focused on embracing regenerative paths. The company dreams of an ‘Algaeverse’, a realm of healthy items, leveraging algae’s magic, healing our oceans.

Backed by allies who share its vision, Vyld isn’t just launching products; it’s catalyzing a healthier world. A world that stands at the intersection of women’s health, environmental stewardship, and bold, conscious entrepreneurship.

With Vyld, we step into a path where the health of our planet and our people are intertwined, where every choice is a step towards regeneration. No longer taking a problem solving mindset, but being opportunity creators, so much is possible to build the foundation for a much healthier world. One bold conscious leader at a time.

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