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Walking Alone

Aug 3, 2022 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek, Tales from the Trek

Walking Alone - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Walking Alone is A Conscious Choice

When we don’t follow the crowd, we often find ourselves walking alone. Being brave enough to make the decision to follow our heart even though our character and resolve are judged for it. But for us, walking alone seems to be the healthiest choice for a while. 

By opening a door instead of following the norms, we step into our power and become part of the seven percent choosing to follow our own path as we walk between the two worlds. 

People may look at us like we’re crazy when we trek to places they believe should be avoided. But isn’t this what leadership is all about? Taking risks with a willingness to head into uncharted territory. 

Ideas manifest from our ability to explore and experiment. And conscious leaders understand that the leadership we need right now is one of self-management. Through each step we take to a higher and purer energy, we allow ourselves to develop new insights, ideas, and opportunities.

Opening Up to Experimentation

We have an opportunity to wake up to our own voice and personal power. And sometimes we will fall down or trip. But it is part of the path that we are on when we explore possibilities. Not everything works out. 

It’s perfectly healthy to meet the waves of defeat that also come into our path. These experiences show up for a reason, and it’s our job to understand their root cause. Much happens when we no longer suppress or resist them but understand their origins and how we continue on our trek; often walking alone. 

When we live in integrity, we’re fully connected within ourselves; flowing with the courage to show up in our highest intention. Practicing kindness to ourselves. We also learn how to bring people with us after experiencing a new course ourselves first. 

This is a healthy reason to become a leader of our own life. It’s up to each of us to participate in the world with self-awareness, love and compassion. Much happens when we learn to trust ourselves. It’s a practice and a muscle to develop when we can acknowledge what’s happening inside ourselves instead of pushing it away. Along the way, the trust in ourselves is built and we learn how to be incredible guides and adventurers.

We are starting to become aware of the abundant resources available to us to become the leaders we need. This is an amazing time to be alive as it give us opportunities to choose paths less ventured.

And we are never truly alone. Some of our most meaningful connections are invisible. Our true manifestation of being a light in the world is visible to those of us who can see with our hearts. 

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