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Walking Our Way to Creativity

Mar 6, 2024 | Daily Trek, Tales from the Trek

Walking Our Way to Creativity - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Walking our way to creativity means we open ourselves to being in flow with our surroundings to keep us on our toes. Nietzsche shared, “All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.”

Lace up your shoes for more than health; step towards creative breakthroughs. Recent research highlights a fascinating link: walking boosts our ability to think creatively. It’s not just random strolls but integrating walking into our daily lives, both through spontaneous and regular walks.

In a study with 157 young adults, researchers used sensors to track steps and examined creativity. Walking, both occasionally and regularly, enhances our capacity to birth ideas. Walking is a key to unlocking creativity in daily life. The simple act of walking, without a specific goal other than movement, creates a fertile ground for creative thoughts.

Furthermore, being outdoors amplifies these benefits, merging the calm of nature with physical activity. Nature not only offers beautiful scenery but also significantly reduces stress, muscle tension, and improves our overall physical health. It lowers risks of depression, enhances focus, and fosters connections. The great outdoors also increases our vitamin D level, which is important for our bones, blood cells, and immune system.

Regularly spending time with our natural environment and grounding improve our life, boosting sleep quality through exposure to natural light. For children, growing up near “green spaces” it reduces mental health issues later in life.

The path to creativity might start with a single step outdoors. Walking and nature do not only contribute to our physical health but are crucial for our mental wellbeing and creativity. Let’s step outside, where every step has meaning. Maybe in open spaces, there is no need for control and we can breath freely as we let ourselves go.

Perhaps putting our devices away and being fully present is in our hands. Being with nature humbles us, teaching us the true essence of being alive, beyond manmade expectations and constructs. Because right now, the steps we each take toward creating a healthy reality matter. Like nature, no reason to bottle anything up.

“I want you to register for the most important conference you can ever attend. It happens in the heart center. Your Inner Guru is delivering the keynote.”—Kumaré

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